Drunk Girl Raped On Summer Camp

Young girl was laying in her bed, too drunk to realize what was going on. These trouble makers enter her room, take off her clothes and fuck her brains out. Next day she didn't remember a damn thing of what happened.

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nkljlk +116 points2247 days ago

who is the noob giving these videos such stupid names... where the fuck is the rape? buzz killers Reply Report

Sigh +49 points1830 days ago

When a woman is drunk and passed out, and you have sex with her, it's legally rape. Her mental faculties are severely impaired and she's not legally giving consent. Educate yourself before you end up going to jail. Reply Report

Limpbiscuit   0 points123 days ago

@Sigh Girls choice to get drunk Reply Report

Limpbiscuit -2 points123 days ago

@Sigh Girls choice to get drunk Reply Report

Eliii -1 points131 days ago

@Sigh well look at her spreading her legs like a whore. She wanted it. If she feels bad the next day then oh well. She asked for it Reply Report
Double standards

Double standards +11 points1096 days ago

and yet people think when a sober woman has sex with a drunk man, he raped her. When in reality, a majority of the time. It should be classed as her raping him. He is the one not consenting and has his mental capabilities impaired. But no one ever considers that. Reply Report
More Double Standards

More Double Standards +1 points426 days ago

whats better is that female on male rape is called "made to penetrate" and usually receives lenient sentencing. Reply Report
People on this site

People on this site +12 points1463 days ago

Lol asking guys to think first? Why dont you ask a cure for cancer Reply Report

Jake +19 points2115 days ago

This has been on the internet for 4 years now. This is in a dorm NOT summer camp. Reply Report

Creampie101 +11 points989 days ago

Damn she's hot! I wonder how many guys fucked her that night. I sure as hell would have! And when I was done I would go lay somewhere in the room and pretend to pass out but actually be laying there watching to see who else came in and fucked her. I would wait until the guys were done with her and everyone had gone to sleep then I would get up and climb back into bed with her and fuck her super sloppy, multiple cum loads full, used up pussy again and blow another load deep inside of her with all the other guys cum. Then I would leave my dick inside her bottling up all the sperm and every time I woke up I could just start pumping until I pumped another load inside her and do that as many times as I could during the night. Reply Report

romani +3 points931 days ago

Reading this comment made me really fucking wet. Thanks for the new fantasy. Reply Report

Sternman -6 points949 days ago

Yea that is the best.. ;) Drunk girls dont put up a fight about condoms. Man it is a big turn on to raw dog them. And hope they will get pregant.. haha just be careful not to give them your names, so she cant sue you. Reply Report

Hmm   0 points823 days ago

Why on earth would you want her to get pregnant? Isn't a woman who can never get pregnant better? XD Reply Report

fake +10 points2018 days ago

This video is was made by a chick named Hennessie - she is a professional porn star with her own site. Reply Report

Pehden +9 points1792 days ago

This is how he got HIV. Reply Report
Kourtney horror #1

Kourtney horror #1 +8 points1924 days ago

Ok why do you boys rape us girls I don't get it if we don't want it please stop ok drunk or not drunk PS. I spelled a word wrong I say it's cause I"m french Reply Report

girlsloverape21 -10 points1597 days ago

if girls gave it up all day every day guys wouldnt have to rape

Reply Report

lolbro -1 points773 days ago

ye exactly ... if someone asks a girl to fuck, she should just agree ... else rape is TOTALLY legit :D Reply Report

Eliii -3 points131 days ago

@lolbro I think it’s okay to rape because all girls gets wet after getting raped for a while.. lol all girls are a whore Reply Report

Hotness! +8 points1589 days ago

Stranger sex is the best sex. Reply Report

mike +8 points1520 days ago

I did that once I came in one minute and then kept going and came again she was so hot Reply Report
female rape fan

female rape fan +7 points1958 days ago

as a girl myself I knw this cood really happen, when ur drunk and horny udc Reply Report

beedee241 +7 points2000 days ago

Looks like she was more than a little bit willing to me...she pulled off her own panties and lubed his cock and her pussy with her own saliva. Reply Report

wut +4 points1911 days ago

Lol how can the top comment be such tripe? You think if someone's too drunk to know what's going on and mindfully consent it's not rape? Bro, do you even derp? This I'm assuming is staged, or those kids would be in trubble lol. But just sayin'.
Reply Report

Ammy +4 points1296 days ago

Why didn't the camera man have a go? Such a waste . . . Reply Report
Duke silver

Duke silver +3 points2247 days ago

One of these 2 will have anal warts...maybe both Reply Report

blowmywhistle +3 points2187 days ago

.............. Reply Report

Pehden +3 points1792 days ago

And then he got HIV! LOL! Reply Report

Damn +3 points1267 days ago

What a waste of a nice girl just sad Reply Report

raison +3 points1203 days ago

It's rape because she didn't consent, bright guys. I also think she enjoyed it so any harm resulting from this is either iatrogenic or pregnancy/STDs Reply Report
this is good

this is good +2 points2212 days ago

very good fantasy... i know its apparently wrong but sex will be sex

love the tight girl
Reply Report

asif6062 +2 points1954 days ago

Men get drunk, nothing happens. Girls get drunk, get tortured, abused. Shame on America! Reply Report
joey gladstone

joey gladstone +2 points1867 days ago

this is fake Reply Report

haha +2 points1859 days ago

stupid noob, it's not rape, it's copied from college fuckfest website, Reply Report

Boomshakalaka +2 points1728 days ago

The camera man Sucks Reply Report
Your mom

Your mom +1 points2160 days ago

Your all grounded for WACHING porn Reply Report

Roshan +1 points2064 days ago

Damn. I'm gonna try this at a party. I never drink, so I'll be sober enough to rape drunk bitches Reply Report
non member

non member +1 points1889 days ago

This girl wanted it... u drink too much expect girls.. I love getting in a black out drunk pussy and filling it to the brim with cum... even better when I knock the bitch up and doesnt remember how or who it happened from... saves me the child support Reply Report

Pirate +1 points1884 days ago

she enjoyed the sex so much Reply Report

space +1 points1703 days ago

lead to this:
heavy-r /video/119390/Drunk_Girl_Raped_On_Summer_Camp/
Reply Report

Non   0 points2117 days ago

What the fuck look like she also want have a fuck.. Reply Report

Concerned   0 points1208 days ago

these videos are very graphic. Not a good thing considering the kinds of people who could view them who shouldn't be. Does heaven R even view these videos? Reply Report

Big_John   0 points284 days ago

I've had so much fine ass pussy that was out of my " league" in High School thanks to drunk passed out bitches just like this... Reply Report

unv   0 points812 days ago

I wish.. Reply Report

Regret   0 points44 days ago

Happened to me the other night. Went for a walk with an old friend. For some reason we were walking down a trail and I was in slippers, I ended up falling. He said stay right there and the next thing I knew he was in me. Reply Report

Djidudbe   0 points41 days ago

I really want something like that to happen to me. I want my virginty gone so bad Reply Report

ddarko -1 points2173 days ago

d'uh, hay travis! Reply Report

blackcougar -1 points1462 days ago

she's playing with herself so not that drunk and she's looking at him Reply Report

Nobody7769 -1 points570 days ago

Thats hot that filthy slut wanted it Reply Report

Sternman -1 points949 days ago

Man, this is no rape! :( She's just a common slut, there is no rape.. Reply Report

NOargument -1 points814 days ago

I would have taken my filet knife stabbed the camera man and continued fucking this bitch in his idiotic blood. Reply Report

Stev -2 points2130 days ago

Luv to spunk up her little cuntfront of her mum and dad Reply Report
Ironic Truth

Ironic Truth -3 points1804 days ago

The rape behind it was that she was a virgin... Reply Report

coboom -4 points2216 days ago

nigga u gay lol!! Reply Report

truth -6 points2195 days ago

don't want to get raped? then don't get drunk! Reply Report
Take me!

Take me! -6 points1637 days ago

I don't care that is wasn't rape this vid rock Reply Report

fantasyman -2 points1519 days ago

like all girl want to be raped
Reply Report

Yeahbuddy043 -7 points1892 days ago

YOLO Reply Report

asif6062 -11 points1954 days ago

You Americans are so good to abuse a unconscious innocent girl! Bravo! As a reward, YOU ALL SHOULD BURN IN HELL, FUCKIN PSYCHOS! Not a single person I found in Usa in 5 years, who has love and respect for girls. Assholes! Reply Report

Moron! +4 points1510 days ago

This was staged by the online porn star Hennessie (the girl in the vid). Besides, what were you doing watching this video, Psycho? Reply Report

gohan +3 points1676 days ago

calm down its just a fantasy not all guys are like that some are i only watch it to experiment but i got attached to WATCHING not DOING i like helping people with anything except gays in what they want .
Reply Report
Relax it wasn't rape!

Relax it wasn't rape! +3 points1784 days ago

This is only part of the full video. It wasn't rape or at summer camp. It was at a college sex party and she was fully aware at the end talking smack to the guy. She even told him to come back if he couldn't find any other girls to fuck. College co-eds get drunk and fuck like this all the time. So calm down!! Reply Report
Have a link to full video?

Have a link to full video? +1 points651 days ago

Anyone have a link to the full video or know where I can find it
Reply Report