Cut in half by truck and still alive

Unlucky man got cut in half in accident with truck and is still alive. As you can probably guess this happened in Brazil.

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Sad to see

Sad to see +15 points2090 days ago

Not fake, i speak portuguese , and this man asked for help a lot, other guy start praying, and the poor men give the phone number of his wife, to someone call her before he dies. Very Sad. Reply Report

shiiit +4 points2390 days ago

someone should've put him out of his misery Reply Report
you suck and gay

you suck and gay +2 points2372 days ago

Ohhh... shit happen... and btw, mike below is gay faggot soab Reply Report

twilighter +2 points1347 days ago

this is bad and unlucky ,i cannot imagine how painful he was Reply Report

bananahammock +1 points678 days ago

I had a 2.5 ton tree limb fall on my back and head. Not only did I not lose consciousness, but my perception of time was spot on. What felt like 10 minutes was 9 minutes of a 911 call. I was having a FB conversation when it happened. After careful examination, I concluded that I did not lose consciousness either. Some people are just built like that. I don't know what else to say. What saved him was the tires keeping him from bleeding out. Reply Report

RustyNickels   0 points2389 days ago

How come shit like this always seems to happen in those Brazilian-looking countries? Reply Report

Reaper   0 points1965 days ago

If I Had a Gun and I was there I'd ask him to say his last words , Then Tell him "Journey well my friend" *Bang* smh I can't stand to see someone in Agony and Pain Reply Report
Wheelchair buddy

Wheelchair buddy   0 points1934 days ago

Welcome to the dark side! Reply Report
ahah lol

ahah lol   0 points1004 days ago

gahaaha lol
Reply Report

Flea -1 points2374 days ago

MMshit... tis but a flesh wound. He'll be up walking and talking and all that good shit in no time Reply Report
no border retard

no border retard -1 points2372 days ago

Trust me I'm a FAGGOT ! Reply Report

poland -1 points2277 days ago

Sytuacja nie do pozazdroszczenia. Reply Report

ed -1 points1994 days ago

BRAZIL? how in hell would anybody guess that Reply Report

jackfernandes -2 points2334 days ago

viveu ou morreu? Reply Report

WTH -2 points1472 days ago

Only in Brazil and fuck you Brazilian peace of shit worthless nigger keep your fat fucking lips shut Reply Report
Ooh shit

Ooh shit -3 points1964 days ago

This guys is probably very upset about losing his dick than his legs... Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan -4 points2390 days ago

In the U.S. we'd have him up and running in a couple a weeks!
He'd have a few scars, but no major problems aside from that.
Reply Report

@Obi-Dickhead -6 points2388 days ago

Yea of course, you dipshit americans can "fix" anything, look at how greatly usaved Iraq, Afghanistan, they are so greatful. and now u gonna help Iran too huh? Of course, sweing up somebody who is cut in half is as easy as that, OF FUCKING COURSE U FUCKHEAD DIPSHIT TRASHTALKING AMERICAN DUMBNUT Reply Report

Mike -17 points2373 days ago


THis could'nt happen. There would be massive trauma, loss of blood & shock. He would have died almost instantly. Trust me........... I'm a Doctor!

Reply Report

Daro +1 points910 days ago

The blood lost was not so massive because the truck tyre was blocking it from running out. Trust me it is possible. Reply Report