Scat sex meal

Girl takes the time to prepare her meal cause it must look good before its eatable.

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. +31 points2199 days ago

In the classification of symptoms, Coprophagia is a type of Cacofagia, an abnormal taste and appetite that ultimately induce a person to eat disgusting things, such as feces (Coprophagia). The severe personality changes, such as the Severe Mental Deficiency can produce this symptom, as well as cases of severe mental deterioration of chronic schizophrenia.

Coprophagy involves major health risk, as an outbreak of hepatitis A and B, pneumonia, without mentioning the addition of bacteria, worm eggs and other parasites in the internal system.
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Kira +4 points2053 days ago

I have a scat fetish. I dare say it on here, but I eat my boyfriend's shit. I do have schizophrenia, which might of caused it, but also a severely bad childhood. The you guys need to remember is that even though you don't like it, others do. We all have kinks, and shouldn't judge people based on theirs. To each their own, if you don't like it, just don't watch it. Reply Report

pippy +2 points2273 days ago

Man her asshole is ripped to shreds!!! Reply Report

yum +2 points1957 days ago

Dammit..this video actually made me hungry! Reply Report
Satan Worship

Satan Worship +2 points1658 days ago

Eating shit is the fastest way to prove to Satan that you are worthy of his powers.
Dig in, feel the power.
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Ravi, India

Ravi, India +1 points1853 days ago

come to india, you will find plenty, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian in the wheat and paddy fields, to satisfy to your hearts content. Reply Report

softshit   0 points1794 days ago

Wonderful! I'm vegan X Reply Report

victor357 +1 points1655 days ago

I adore the smells of a woman pooing Reply Report

Aleex   0 points2243 days ago

good your scat eat drink your urine! Reply Report

igor   0 points2081 days ago

i'd replace tht turd with my cock Reply Report

YT   0 points1845 days ago

Why do you do it then?
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dickmilk   0 points1880 days ago

she can serve me her shit to eat every day. Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points1868 days ago

ugly ass Reply Report

wettingfred   0 points1471 days ago

I'd love to go to her house for her dinner and wine. Oh yummm!!! Reply Report

fanboy77   0 points1059 days ago

Awesome Reply Report
barry smith

barry smith   0 points965 days ago

i would love an invite to that meal infact lets make it every day Reply Report

chrissycan   0 points813 days ago

- Would love that huge turd in my mouth and the piss cahser also ! Reply Report

lovesanythingassrelated   0 points812 days ago

i love shit soooo much! I want to harvest a tubs worth and bathe in it. I want to eat shit. Reply Report

Taurusman   0 points158 days ago

Good menĂ¼. Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan -1 points2397 days ago

If you like this kind of *shit* ... be assured, you are a fucking mentally ill weirdo. Reply Report

sucmahdik -1 points2074 days ago

farts n shit

farts n shit -1 points1659 days ago

Yeahhhh Reply Report
Ted mosby

Ted mosby -2 points2144 days ago

Obi quan yet again commenting on another scat video xD Reply Report

Igor -2 points2133 days ago

You gotta love a woman that can shit huge turds like this Reply Report
Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday -18 points2230 days ago

She's pretty, and I love her wicked mind. I say shame on everyone who think's they're as pure and clean as an angel turd and dare say they would not marry this women. Reply Report

jojo -22 points2342 days ago

@Obi Quan Thanks. I was wondering what random strangers on the Internet thought about me. Reply Report

Scatophile -22 points2316 days ago

Nice girl and delicious ass making delicious turds. Juice looks very good too. Reply Report

dickmilk   0 points1799 days ago

absolutely Reply Report

yahzee -24 points2201 days ago

what an amazing big smelly turd- would play with that all day long Reply Report

dxiy -25 points2310 days ago

oh yes that girl's shit lookd delicius, wish i could eat it for breakfast and drink her golden pee to wash it down!! if i knew how to contact her, maybe she could deliver her shitloads direct into my mouth Reply Report
love to eat and drink

love to eat and drink -30 points2312 days ago

fuck me what a lovely fat shit wish she was sittig on my face when she done it Reply Report