Crazy Dude Fucks A Giant Ants Hill

OMG, that had to hurt!!!

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problem? +12 points2019 days ago

this is what happens wen u get bored and horny Reply Report

bylting   0 points388 days ago

Yes it is. Bored and horny makes you mad ;) Reply Report

Bylting +4 points1886 days ago

It is me on the movie and Im not a ant :-) Reply Report

Poop +2 points2018 days ago

Anyone notice the dogshit on the hill in the first clip? Right next to him. Reply Report

Ukraine +1 points1785 days ago

Oooooh... Don't know what to say. . But I wannA sit there by my pussy Reply Report
Atom Ant

Atom Ant +1 points1275 days ago

Great video! Reply Report

ingomat +1 points756 days ago

This should prove it, once and for all - anything can be fucked Reply Report

Al   0 points1963 days ago

This man needs psychiatric help. Reply Report

???   0 points1854 days ago

how does one get to that point?
Reply Report

luczoolove   0 points1112 days ago

you are very normal ,its fantastic !!!!!!! Reply Report

talisman   0 points1253 days ago

and that my children is why we have sterilization Reply Report

mucp   0 points775 days ago

supeer, super, super, exellent Reply Report

bylting   0 points389 days ago

Thank you. I'm glad you like. Reply Report

BleiFry -2 points1993 days ago

sick guys in the world... Reply Report

xxxsexfreakxxx -3 points1863 days ago

He needs help like the rest of these people who are on these videos, on this site, self mutilation, torture, and playing with shit. Reply Report

mysterion -60 points2019 days ago

mmm yeah i wish i was there to eat his ass and suck the ants of that nice cock... fuck he is sexy Reply Report