Passed Out Girls Get Raped

If you found 2 girls passed out on the street. Wouldn't you bring them home to fuck their brains out?

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homeboy +93 points1992 days ago

fuck the japanese and their weirdo pixelated porn Reply Report
The Family Dog

The Family Dog +5 points760 days ago

You think homeboy will come back some day, to check on his likes? Reply Report

jami63 +11 points1845 days ago

as rape is supposed to be illegal they would have blurred the guys faces instead of the sex what a waste of time
Reply Report

ravi +10 points1721 days ago

why pixelate? don't do it at all if it is so shameful to show the cock and pussy. Reply Report

jriebe1952 +3 points614 days ago

In Japan it is illegal to show the genitals Reply Report

Bruh829wuhsj   0 points21 days ago

@jriebe1952 Nigga, Rape is illegal Reply Report

Freedom +8 points1647 days ago

Asian men are such terrible kissers....why all the sucking noises? Idiots... Reply Report

fake +5 points2230 days ago

Was hoping it was real, but soon as I heard them speak japanese, I knew it was fake. Reply Report

lopez +3 points2231 days ago

another japanese fake, they are actors and actress Reply Report
Jack Rider Jr.

Jack Rider Jr. -3 points1505 days ago

I think it is fake too
I mean look at the video
the girls were past out
they were drunk
they went to a dark Allie
like to was set up
I mean do you really think
that this could ever happen
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julie +3 points2171 days ago

getting rape is the only way to be fuck Reply Report

anne +2 points1801 days ago

another 'how to' video. nice. Reply Report
jack rider #3

jack rider #3 +2 points1505 days ago

Good Morning in CT
2:15 AM
Reply Report

motheronya +1 points2117 days ago

as soon as you see the pixels you know its fake which I am glad rape is nothing to smile at Reply Report

ok +6 points1505 days ago

why are you watching this video? Reply Report

smbody +1 points1086 days ago

i would've have fucked them in the alley leaving them naked and bringing the clothes with me Reply Report

gabiltroy +4 points1058 days ago

That's the best suggestion yet! Would love to see their reaction when they woke up in a semi public place and could find nothing to cover themselves with! How cool would that be! Reply Report

Fright   0 points2160 days ago

I fuck Japanese hard out Reply Report

Darkharbinger   0 points919 days ago

hopefully they stole their purses Reply Report

numbnuts   0 points655 days ago

why do asians eat pussy like they slurp soup. why do the girls whine,and why do they pixelate all their porn Reply Report
ha ha ha

ha ha ha   0 points339 days ago

The Family Dog - 421 days ago
You think homeboy will come back some day, to check on his likes?
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kingdong   0 points303 days ago

So If they are passed out drunk, How the hell did they manage to hold on to the guys necks as they carried them out of the alleyway????? Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points238 days ago

check out my vdieos Reply Report

jjulie -2 points2171 days ago

fake or not getting rape is the only way to be fuck not enough brutality. Reply Report

Law -2 points1499 days ago

I want to know after scene :)
Reply Report

22403681 -2 points816 days ago

Isn't this shit illegal to watch? Reply Report

boobs -3 points1690 days ago

fuck ya Reply Report

Tonyflame -6 points2082 days ago

Is a real rape from japanese Reply Report