Gay scat

Man eats shit.

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Pussy +17 points1684 days ago

...I almost cried, this is one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen. Reply Report

beyondperv +5 points1658 days ago

So fucking hot and nasty. This is what I'll feed my nephew for lunch. Reply Report

scatman54 +3 points1715 days ago

love it Reply Report

76Dave +3 points1557 days ago

hot as fuck, but way too short Reply Report

Scater +2 points1890 days ago

I's my dream Reply Report

yummyyummy +2 points1868 days ago

i really want a scat orgy! what a pleasure! Reply Report

nick2015 +1 points796 days ago

Yum! Reply Report
Non-Member Scater

Non-Member Scater   0 points1887 days ago

I would like to a fairly handsome guy snotted, spitted, vomitted, pissed and crapped in my snout. This is my dream. Reply Report

piercngblu   0 points1503 days ago

I've had two men shit directly into my mouth like that... well...My lips were pressed on their ass lips, but it was the best feeling ever! I would do it again with a man, woman...whoever wants to play nasty
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sweetcumm1 +1 points1475 days ago

I would like to with me asap..lets arrainge sumthin Reply Report

Scatophile -2 points1917 days ago

Not usually the biggest fan of gay scat, but this was very nice. Reply Report

simonslut -3 points1873 days ago

Where are you guys to do this to me, love it ! Reply Report

salva -4 points1953 days ago

busco mujeres que caguen y meen en mi boca abierta, valencia, 600398709 Reply Report

feeder -4 points1879 days ago

i would love to do this to a man or woman and any age or anything but i live in england and not many people want to :( Reply Report

lisaloo -2 points1374 days ago

im in England lets meet and shit Reply Report

Phsyche -5 points1763 days ago

We find that many deeply disturbed mental patients are infatuated with faeces.
Sadly, many are people who were abused as children. A high number of pedophiles
also seem to participate in this behaviour which of course is most abhorrent.
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Obi Quan

Obi Quan -12 points1792 days ago

People that are into 'scat' are only a few degrees away from being pedophiles.

Sick and twisted fuckers.
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