School girl raped in library

Poor girl couldn't give any resistance, so just accepted getting fucked in the end.

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school girl rpaed in library

school girl rpaed in library +67 points2216 days ago

all i wanted was a book ass hole Reply Report

burcg +7 points2039 days ago

would have rated it a 5 if not for censored. Reply Report

chikan +3 points1918 days ago

after she cam she wanted it. Reply Report

XxwtfXx +2 points2006 days ago

dude she just fucking could kick his balls..if she didn't like it of course..>.> Reply Report

Madisonm +2 points1009 days ago

So wet, want. Reply Report

manatee   0 points1443 days ago

excellent director/i love kissing Reply Report
I want to be raped

I want to be raped   0 points1068 days ago

I had a orgasum cause of this video i just love seeing girls get touched and feel uncomfortable I wish I was her
Reply Report

houdini   0 points380 days ago

m-ef-er, i mean like how many times are, or is you yourself gonna rape, or molest, or fondle that same young school-girl, huh? i mean like talk about mr. kim philby, you yourself had better stop that nonsense, man you aint got it like that, & you know like donald trump, or hillary clinton's husband bill. so cut the nonsense out 'mr.-pizzagate', or 'mr.-cometpingpong', unless you are, or is hooked up with a secret-society, or royal-family then see you, don't want to be you, ... !!! Reply Report

houdini   0 points380 days ago

m-ef-er you need to quit penetrating that young school-girl's oral cavity as in quit sticking, & stuffing your mushroom-tip in that young school-girl's mouth, & down her throat regardless of how she herself may like it a little before your catholic-priest-wannabe ass find yourself possibly sharing a cell in the can with father mccormick you overgrown pervert, male-chauvinist-pig, ... !!! Reply Report

houdini   0 points380 days ago

quit forcing that young school-girl to suck your dick, prick, or penis, m-ef-er, & quit sucking that young school-girl's pussy, & you better stop sticking, & stuffing your mushroom-tip in her buns before you be in some, or such serious hot-water, m-ef-er, ... !!! Reply Report

houdini   0 points380 days ago

what do you think that you're doing m-ef-er? quite fondling, or molesting that school-girl in that public library, go to a hoe-strip m-ef-er, & get some, or such pussy, you f-ing creep character, ... !!! Reply Report
non member

non member -1 points1991 days ago

it sucked Reply Report

Jane -3 points1211 days ago

I live in North Bay Ontario, Canada and there is a book store that is 1 and a half miles long and in the back no one is ever there and i wish someone would always come there and fuck me whenever im in the store shopping. if interested get in contact with me somehow Reply Report
Book worm

Book worm -1 points993 days ago

I also visit north bay and a book store could be pretty fun to play in. Reply Report