30 Year Old Virgin His FIRST Cumshot

Never ending cum tsunami coming out of his tiny penis. He claims he saved it up for 30 years!

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Barlion +16 points1907 days ago

That is not why you have wet dreams. Unused sperm simply gets absorbed into the body. These vids that show these massive cum shots are all fake with fake cum and tubes. Reply Report

FullHD +5 points2004 days ago

Fake penis, fake sperm. Reply Report

betterbehd +4 points1900 days ago

so fucking fake Reply Report

koas +3 points1906 days ago

name of the song? Reply Report

AM +3 points1803 days ago

Name of the song i believe is "mysterons" by portishead. Reply Report

imbatman +3 points1822 days ago

Not only does he have a micro-penis, but looks like his pubic hair didn't bother growing.

semen you say? what that running down milk?
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piet +2 points1866 days ago

FAKE! Reply Report

sikici81 +1 points1925 days ago

fake Reply Report

omg   0 points2005 days ago

you can't save sperms, you fucking noobs. that's why you have wet dreams, because your balls are full and need to be exhausted. Reply Report

Slapman   0 points1528 days ago

I heard it can be done by injecting some special liquid in the balls.
But only without an erection...didnt you see the other guy with a ballsack like 2 tennisballs ...cummin and cummin and cummin. And he sure didnt have any hoses or nuthin, all naked and shit.
So yeah ...it can be done ....artificially ...but it can be done coming from the penishole that way
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toma   0 points1456 days ago

wauuuu!!!! Reply Report
i know the secret

i know the secret   0 points1410 days ago

I saw some guy's videos (not sure if in xhamsters or xvideos) and he did cumshots like this but he injected fake cum into his bladder and then he pee it Reply Report

nigga   0 points599 days ago

what are you a fucking faggot
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porn authority

porn authority -1 points2001 days ago

this is just a clip from a random sissy on the internet. cum is partially real, cock is tiny and very real. Reply Report