Slave girl recieves a painful whipping

She thought it would be fun to try some bdsm sex, but didn't expect it would hurt this much.

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BlehBlehBleh +1 points1470 days ago

She is an odd girl. She loves to feel pain, to be scared and to be Sub and Dom over others. For her scars to heel must take months, which means it should take her months between shoots, but her website has her making at least 10 a year. Maybe shes an alien and heels faster than most? Reply Report
No name

No name   0 points815 days ago

Yes tie me up like this and whip me harshly on my back and chest. Leave me a bloody mess worse than this girl. See I can't have sex so I don't just need to be beaten and whipped but badly humiliated too. See being whipped by a hot woman reminds me that I suffer terrible pain instead of wild sex. That makes my punishment double as torturous! Reply Report

Slasher   0 points738 days ago

This hottie is gorgeous! I'd love to whip her till her back is nothing but bloody muscle from neck to waist! Reply Report
Fun guy

Fun guy   0 points691 days ago

20 seconds?? Reply Report

Fillerbuster   0 points396 days ago

And? Reply Report
Whip her tits

Whip her tits   0 points115 days ago

Just once I'd like to see a great HD, well made video of a woman being brutally whipped! Her back lashed with a Cat-O-Nine Tails so that at first crisscrossed bloody welts form across her back - As each successive lash is made her flesh is finally stripped away exposing raw muscle and tendons. Then slowly the thongs strip away layers of muscle until bone appears. The sight would be terrifying too. Now that would be a brutal whipping!! Reply Report