Russian Teens Beats 3 Hobos To Death

Russian teens beat a woman and 2 men to death with baseball bats and knives.

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Peace +94 points1993 days ago

i wish those homeless ppl could have a gun and could blow off those fuckers balls in the air!!!!!!!! Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan +39 points2229 days ago

heartless motherfuckers. Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +27 points2050 days ago

Russia what a toilet bowl shit country. Reply Report
you idiot

you idiot -4 points766 days ago

most murders that happen like this is in america Reply Report

Neon +3 points692 days ago

Russia has more drug addicts and drunks then all the rest of the world. Hairy stuck up wired people with faces like fucking garden nomes! Reply Report

Sup   0 points1246 days ago

Most of the countries are actually fucked up already, including Usa in case you live there Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +2 points1186 days ago

I take it YOU must come that shit hole called Russia. Reply Report
Little cat

Little cat +21 points2204 days ago

I really can't believe that a human being can do such horrible things to another one. What a sad fucking world :( Reply Report

Dimmu +18 points2192 days ago

dirty Bastards! Untermenschen!!!
Reply Report

me +16 points2066 days ago

no one notice the irony of trying to be all moralistic while watching a video of people getting killed, i'm here for the porn but thought i;'d just point that out Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +16 points2027 days ago

By the way the 2 men did die and the woman survived. She was the one that testfied against these assholes. The teens where charged as adults and are serving time in prison in Russia I dont remember how long their sentences were. Reply Report
no fuken name

no fuken name +11 points2056 days ago

i hate humans .. Reply Report

USA +9 points2229 days ago

This is why the United States will turn Russia into a radioactive parking lot. Reply Report
you idiot

you idiot -3 points766 days ago

i c you never seen the american video were they admited russia could wipe nato completely out in 60 hour america aren't shit are your all dumb Reply Report

Sup -1 points1246 days ago

Whats worse, like 5 russians assasins, or your beloved US sending nuclear bombs reducing whole cities to ashes? Cmon, thats the way you gringos think? you saw a video about a few guys killing hobbos (that if im not wrong theyre already in prison), and you want to destroy the whole country... who are you helping then? Whos gonna say "Oh thanks americans ooh" if theyre all dead? Lol I though this video was horrible but these ppl is way worse Reply Report
Fuck world

Fuck world +9 points2002 days ago

:'( FUCKING RUSSİANS !! Reply Report

Sup +2 points1246 days ago

Fucking psychos*... cmon, theyre only like 5 teens! dont say that every russian is like that Reply Report

ladyyuna2000 +9 points1907 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with Russia I hope they died in a horrible death those fucking teens. Reply Report
N Emma.

N Emma. +8 points2227 days ago

sick fucks. Reply Report

Unknown +8 points1633 days ago

Damn when you see sick shit like this you just dont want to life on this planet anymore Reply Report

Karma +6 points2205 days ago

Karma is a Beautiful process. these kids will each get it 1 by 1, in there own way. Reply Report

wtf +6 points2204 days ago

They should all be convicted of murder in the first degree and be given the death penalty Reply Report

noel +6 points2202 days ago

russians are animals Reply Report
lol r

lol r +6 points2140 days ago

fuck russian skinhead people they are all gay Reply Report
Fuckin russians

Fuckin russians +5 points2192 days ago

Ive seen sum fucked up videos..but damn this one just tops them all Reply Report

good-people +5 points2140 days ago

so I have read a comment and here,this person gon talk about he put his r her pet over a human,r u serious? you bastard!!!! No body should be treaten like that.I am sure they eat cat and dogs I believe the reason why they do it,they got no where to live and nothing to they had to do what they did to suRvive,they had no help.I guess you fuck animals to motherfucker,heartless Russians,heartless motherfuckers like that,I tie them up first,and tarcher them slowly so they can feel the pain before I lite them motherfuckers on fire Reply Report
oky its me

oky its me +5 points1935 days ago

i do not know why human are beast then animals.. Reply Report

Non-Member +5 points1819 days ago

I hope they go to hell Reply Report

mychae +5 points1698 days ago

this is the most disturbing video ive ever can a human being do this to another human being,and do it for the hell of it..its fucking beyond evil. theres a special place in hell for these fucking punks..i just wish i could send them there Reply Report

Martyr +4 points2104 days ago

Like the had stolen there pet? Fuck!1 thoose Russian teens as they call it are just bored litle skinheads. They should be standed up to a wall and shoot! and not being able to get a grave! Reply Report

harold +4 points1972 days ago

we should put the afgan suicide bombers in russia :P that would be great Reply Report

Gin +4 points1806 days ago

The will burn in hell soon, damn they will. Reply Report

Membe +3 points2227 days ago

Fuck this russian cocksuckers!
A new mission for our friend "Agent Orange".
Reply Report

vigo +3 points2205 days ago

Karma will do the thing... Reply Report

gene +3 points2205 days ago

I think they did it cause the homeless people were killing and eating dogs. maybe one of their dogs. not that that makes it ok though. russians are just fuckin crazy. Reply Report

PLEASE +3 points2094 days ago


Reply Report

5pawsakademy +3 points1960 days ago

wow temper temper.. now after i read all the commentsand rated them here is what i have to say: it's not safe to be a homeless in Russia, now for the perpetrators, if this video made it mainstream, one thing is sure they will be caught and iwish them with all my heart a very long sejour in one off the siberian "holiday " camp where they will suck cocks and being raped daly long time Reply Report
They are  NOT Russians !!!!

They are NOT Russians !!!! +3 points1831 days ago

They are fags from Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine, NOT Russia) Killed 21 people in 2007. Ukraine - a country of serial killers. Onopriyenko from Ukraine killed 52 people, Tkach - 29, Dovzhenko -21!!!!! Ukranian NAZI Bandera killed 100000 Poles because they were Catholics Reply Report

WTF +2 points1437 days ago

How could you possibly know they were ukrainian ,not saying your wrong just wondering how you know these are nazi bandera and what are their motivates to kill homeless , i wonder if these punks are dead , i hope they are , they are a shame to ukraine if thats true , may they suffer a worse fate then this poor woman Reply Report

Andreich +3 points1817 days ago

Вот это ублюдосы думаю уже тянут сроки реальные каждого бы вые...л боклажкой без мыла из этой мразоты Reply Report

PunkHunter +2 points2102 days ago

The homeless should single out and prey on the skinheads, or set up a perimeter in the woods....come on in, and get set on fire! Reply Report

3annou +2 points2205 days ago

Shame on these motherfucking racist russians Reply Report

Justice +2 points2205 days ago

They had a BIG luck.I feel sorry that I wasn't there somehow.I would shot in their knees first and then blow their heads off.
Reply Report

sick +2 points2112 days ago

No matter what they did or how angry they felt. Nobody deserves to be killed like that. As far as I'm concerned the people killing are no better than the people who killed Reply Report

hell +2 points2032 days ago

hope there kids get killed the same way they killed those homeless ppl. how sad the world we live in hope it all ends soon. living in the lastdays Reply Report

bones897 +2 points1866 days ago

As if these people didn't have it hard enough sleeping in the wilderness with no home there are fucktards like these teens killing them so brutally. Where in the hell is the humanity? Reply Report

Abccda +1 points827 days ago

This is from Ukraine not Russia, same fucks that made 3 guys one hammer , they were arrested alrdy
Reply Report

alteranx4 +1 points1657 days ago

kill everyone who do this, this is fate kill the this shitt man ! Reply Report

Dirk +1 points1535 days ago

Kinda felt bad for this homeless bitch..she got owned!!!!!!!!Lol Reply Report

IVAN +1 points1147 days ago

WTF @One to whom you refer NAZI RUSSIAN-TROLL! They sit in all networks and accuse anyone but themselves! These are the freaks untying war in the east of Ukraine! THIS RUSSIAN Nazis- RASHISTY! They accuse WORLD THAT AMERICANS something fascists, Europeans gay ONLY RUSSIAN-SAINTS AND SPIRITUAL ... And they believe RUSSIA 100,000 years before SHE rule the world!) They start Breda Nazis in 30 YEARS .. .These the scum of neo-Nazis BUT WERE RUSSIAN CITIZENS OF UKRAINE! These are the freaks she cries out that Ukraine when there was NO US AND WHAT SHOULD UNICHTOZHIT Europe itself will die of emigrants (at least in RUSSIA PUTIN let EMIGRANTS MUCH MORE! :) WHY THEY KILL WEAK bums? BECAUSE THEY cowards and idiots and Masson HOW TO KILL OR THE CHECHEN Breivik as a real NATIONALISTS these creatures AFRAID ...)
Reply Report

Rembrandt +1 points503 days ago

The way they swing those bats shows good hand to eye coordination Reply Report

justcurious   0 points1916 days ago

If not for these MF teens, there will no new videos in Heavy-r. They need to do all these psycho stuff to hv something to be uploaded in here. Watching all these vids make me a psycho too.... well I dun think so... huhu. Reply Report

Elsnr   0 points1864 days ago

What a wast and a shame killing homeless ppl they should of killed some rapest or rich pricks Reply Report

Sup +3 points1246 days ago

Ya they should have killed someone like you maybe Reply Report
The Punisher

The Punisher   0 points1796 days ago

WTF! WTF! Karma will get the best of you! that is just sickening and awfully wrong what they are doing to those poor homeless folks! One day One day you will get what's coming to you! no matter how much you beg like they did! Retarded faggs! Reply Report

deno63   0 points1600 days ago

These have got to be girls beating the homeless cause if it was male it take 2 blows so these are little girls who can't get a man. Reply Report

serah   0 points1575 days ago

i never come to russia... Reply Report

WOW   0 points1569 days ago

If you guys ever go to russia always carry a weapon on you R.I.P. Reply Report

weller   0 points1457 days ago

the thing that i find most despicable is that these kids are all skinny, bony, weaklings and it would take them an hour to kill somebody with their weak blows if they weren't using baseball bats and rocks Reply Report

rumpelstiltskin   0 points953 days ago

Too much vodka for the russians again
Reply Report

charli   0 points1190 days ago

this fucking russia men .let let me burt that fuckers slovely from feed and up cut evry finger ...delete all russia fuckers Reply Report

ИЛЬДАР   0 points1147 days ago

and how these soulless white cattle otlichyayutsya from the same satanic Muslims igil? indeed no nations and religions there are people and moral monsters, inhuman Reply Report

EastVanRules   0 points488 days ago

I think this is a video of the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs i..
Source; Wiki Dnepropetrovsk maniacs ....
Reply Report
Destroyer 666

Destroyer 666   0 points986 days ago

After watching this i wanna cut,burn and torture all the Russian scum,join us and togetger we will destroy this Russian dogs,hard fcukers ? Killng a single woman ? Yea you are really har yea ;/ Come to Poland and ytou will die :) Reply Report

pitball   0 points877 days ago

do that to people who deserve it not just random ppl ...and always hit in the face smashes easyer ... Amaters

Reply Report

daras   0 points692 days ago

banda rosyjskch! jebanych! kurew!!! pociąć jebane kurwy na plastery,niech zdychają w męczarniach,cfele! Reply Report

aaaddd   0 points598 days ago

so? Reply Report

Hitler? -1 points2024 days ago

Well, i think, they love animals, and they are angry with the hobos because they killed the animals at the start of the video. Reply Report

Funny -1 points2022 days ago

I musst Laught the dead become out a wood Reply Report

Throbbatron -1 points1994 days ago

She should sack her hair dresser! Reply Report

propain -1 points1961 days ago

There is nothing in this video that indicates these are skinheads. If any of you dumb monkeys knew any you'd know that. Not all skins are nazi's either. There is a lot of laying blame here. These are just stupid kids folks. Reply Report

Михаил -1 points1883 days ago

Ёбнутое поколение Reply Report

Boo -1 points1535 days ago

I'm comming to get you you Russian fucks Reply Report
Адольф Гитлер

Адольф Гитлер -1 points1506 days ago

Избили их труднее суки! Reply Report

Jesus -1 points1358 days ago

I Would Have So Much Fun Doing The Same to Them Reply Report

H.A -1 points1383 days ago

God will asked you
Reply Report

Sup -1 points1246 days ago

Whats worse, like 5 russians assasins, or your beloved US sending nuclear bombs reducing whole cities to ashes? Cmon, thats the way you gringos think? you saw a video about a few guys killing hobbos (that if im not wrong theyre already in prison), and you want to destroy the whole country... who are you helping then? Whos gonna say "Oh thanks americans ooh" if theyre all dead? Lol I though this video was horrible but these ppl is way worse Reply Report

ИЛЬДАР -1 points1147 days ago

вот они-герои русского мира защитники белых девушек от орд мусульман которых напустил жидомассон путин! ой...а почему вместо мусульман (или как Брейвик-жидотелерастов) эти герои режут русских безпомощьных бомжей?) КАКЯ СТРАНА-ТАКИЕ И НАЦИСТЫ!!!)))))))))))))) Reply Report

jackfernandes -2 points2204 days ago

o que faz um ser humano,com o outro independente do motivo,cruel. Reply Report

divinajuventud -2 points2200 days ago

y yo pensaba que iban amatar al gato... 8-O Reply Report

dee -2 points2200 days ago

Wtf Reply Report

FATUM -2 points2074 days ago


Themann -2 points1465 days ago

I would love to do this with my friends but I don't think they would like it Reply Report

Fuckthisworld -2 points1434 days ago

They killed the homeless because the homeless was eatting their animals, not that its the correct thing to do... Reply Report

biker69 -3 points2204 days ago

brutal just brutal ! Reply Report

s4y -3 points2201 days ago

As far as the story went (now this is what I read, it is by no mean a fact), these homeless people were eating the local cats and possibly dogs. Now I put my pets lives above a strangers life any day of the week. Sorry, if I'm not connected to you in any way, I could watch you burn to death and feel nothing. If you're a friend it's another story... but anyway, I'd do much worse to these people if I found they killed my cat/dog. I'd have taken them apart much slower. Reply Report
Hole destroyer.

Hole destroyer. -3 points2077 days ago

Don't they have cops there? If this people were eating dogs and cats couldn't some body call the authorities before doing some thing nasty like that? Reply Report

God -3 points1471 days ago

Fuck planet ....kill everyone!!!!!!..2017, November 23....peace to the exist. Reply Report

Dillin -4 points2205 days ago

holy shit, is her head made of steel? she would have made a good MMA fighter lol. Reply Report

Hell -5 points1902 days ago

Ah don't compare other russians with these scum bags. They are in prison BTW; woman survived. If you want a total war against Russia (under Israel, US), go and start some... if you are threatening Russians with a plutonium, uranium, bring it there; i ensure you they will drop at least 11 000 nukes (not all) on your country... without any warning. Reply Report

asdfg -8 points2118 days ago

if you look at the start, you can see loads of dog corpses. no doubt those hobos killed them. these guys was just on a little revenge mission. eye for an eye. brutal though, couldnt watch more than a minute. Reply Report
americunts cuntfucka

americunts cuntfucka -8 points1881 days ago

OOh shitty fucking americunts your shitty country belongs to CHINA and you still think you are somthing ... lowlife fucks Reply Report

Sup +3 points1246 days ago

Americans? It sad when they say "America" because they always mean "USA" especially when you say "your shitty country"... America has a lot of countries with differents ways to see the world you know, at least some says "North America", its kinda more precise, or you could just name the fucking country Reply Report

?? -1 points1567 days ago

WTF??? I hope you're trolling Reply Report

/cancerman -14 points2095 days ago

Russia = nuclear weapons and military force, nothing else !!!!!. people= shit , country = shit!!!!!!!!!........ Reply Report
Russian Monster

Russian Monster -14 points1872 days ago

Those poor animals. I hate seeing dead animals. Reply Report

Billy -17 points2205 days ago

Holy shit that is cool! Reply Report

jim -30 points2227 days ago

those dudes rule...smash those fuckin cheesers Reply Report