Drugged up girl raped by a gang

Girl wil probably never do drugs after this experience.
Ps. You might wanna turn your volume down a little!

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LEADFOOT +55 points2052 days ago

wow ,are you trying to tell me that not one of these assholes,had a dick big enough for her that they had to use a bottle instead. Reply Report

penishead +12 points2031 days ago

shes a stripper, using her other hand to smoke instead of defend herself. this is obviously a bachelor party. Stupid title is a lie Reply Report

fabion +6 points2024 days ago

she's just a dumb whore working it...but they were too easy on her Reply Report

Cano +6 points1574 days ago

She wasn't passed out you can clearly see her smoking her cigarette and lookin around.....fuck you for mislabeling videos Reply Report

dumbasz +4 points2031 days ago

OLD & GAY...just like the Twilight ! Reply Report

Hehe +4 points2015 days ago

Maybe she wanted it at first but she clearly doesn't want the bottles - but the slut gets them anyway! Reply Report

katty +4 points1712 days ago

they should have put down the phones, held her down and raped her Reply Report

Melissa +4 points1590 days ago

Its not rape if you're passed out. Its free for the taking Reply Report

nah +3 points1827 days ago

She's not really being raped, they're just putting objects in her Reply Report

moxie +8 points1396 days ago

Any unwanted vaginal penetration is rape. Reply Report
girl always wanting to get group raped

girl always wanting to get group raped +3 points1032 days ago

Girls like her, like me, are dying to get fucked in public by tens of guys Reply Report

wetcunt +3 points1553 days ago

wish i was her Reply Report

Dirk +3 points904 days ago

this cunt knew what she was getting into ..typical whore! .. And that's how u treat them. Reply Report
another young prostitute

another young prostitute +1 points878 days ago

A girl like me, nympho, exhib, perv, is always ready, proud and happy to get fucked in front of everyone. And please, don't give me my clothes back, I want to remain quite naked some hours long. Reply Report
another young prostitute

another young prostitute   0 points888 days ago

How can you be so naive ! Don't you realize that the girl is a prostitute and a comedian, like me ? She has a lot of fun there, much more tan the guys. Reply Report

gss +2 points2051 days ago

the song in the background
bonney M - rasputin
Reply Report

mike +2 points762 days ago

love it, I would wipe my cock out and rub one off looking at her Reply Report

Disgusting +1 points1617 days ago

Clips like this should not be available on the Internet. Shocking! Reply Report
beyond death

beyond death +1 points701 days ago

love it Reply Report
Kick rapist ass

Kick rapist ass   0 points1471 days ago

You cowards are just sick fuckers! Let's rape your screaming mothers who squirt your hateful holes into the world! Like that one pigs! Reply Report

mikey   0 points1274 days ago

How do you download these videos to your phone Reply Report
girl happy to get group raped

girl happy to get group raped   0 points1039 days ago

The girl is like me. She pretends to be passed out, but she isn't. I beg my mates to do that to me as often as possible, because I am a masochist and an exhibitionist. I need, public humiliation . Reply Report
oh my

oh my   0 points959 days ago

She can't have been that drunk (drugged). She still smoking her cigarette in the process of being bottle fucked Reply Report

pRIDE   0 points943 days ago

Srly? Reply Report
Young prostitute

Young prostitute   0 points912 days ago

It is fun for a girl like that, like me. We are always ready and happy to get fucked by friends, strangers, even by our uncles and cousins. I have only indecent clothes, no underwear. The bosses of nightclubs want to have prostitutes there, because many guys come and stay longer thanks to us. Reply Report

Reb   0 points434 days ago

Christ Reply Report

pricks   0 points107 days ago

have you herd of rape. pricks Reply Report

Ggfdfgg -1 points388 days ago

H Reply Report

fake -2 points1987 days ago

Not a rape. She's smoking. Reply Report

mark -2 points1872 days ago

shes drugged thats y shes not defending herself they git no dicks or they would have rode her Reply Report

jami63 -2 points1871 days ago

raped by cellphones mostly Reply Report
fuck arabs

fuck arabs -3 points1652 days ago


5pawsakademy -8 points1715 days ago

wow the video was removed, either it has been used in court as evidence, in this case the bottle handlers are doing time in dirty cells and having to suck cocks for protection or Heavy R backed out like pussy and removed it like good submissive wankers to avoid an out cry from some feminist groups either way it's gone.. Reply Report