Taliban executes 15 Pakistani soldiers

A terrifying new Taliban video captures the gruesome final moments of 15 Pakistani soldiers who were executed at close range by a firing squad.

The terror group released the disturbing footage over the weekend of the 15 blindfolded troops from Pakistan’s Frontier Corps being gunned down from behind by bloodthirsty Taliban fighters to the chant of “God is greatest!”

The Taliban claimed that it went public with the video of the brutal executions on the side of a hill as a warning to Pakistan’s massive army, with which it has been locked in a deadly conflict that has claimed more than 1,000 lives.

“To avenge those comrades, we will kill these men,” a bearded man carrying a rifle vows on the video, according to Reuters.

“We warn the government of Pakistan that if the killing of our friends is not halted, this will be the fate of you all.”

The doomed Pakistani paramilitary troops had been abducted last month during a late-night raid on a Taliban stronghold in a lawless Pakistani tribal area.

“They tied our hands, put us in a Datsun and took us away,” one of the men said just before he was shot to death.

The nearly three-minute video shows the men standing in a row with their hands bound while their captors rant about getting revenge for 12 of their dead comrades.

“We will cross all limits to avenge your blood!” chant the Taliban murderers, alluding to their fighters who died against the Pakistani forces.

The gunmen take turns pumping bullets into the blindfolded men, with blood blasting out of their heads.

The video then shows the Taliban captors standing over the dead, bullet-riddled bodies of the Pakistanis.

“If the killing of our friends is not stopped, this will be the fate of all infidel armies, God willing!” one militant crows.

The two sides have entered into tentative peace talks, and Marc Grossman, the US special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, yesterday said the Taliban needs to make a “clear statement” against terrorism.

But the release of the video — distributed on compact discs and peddled in street markets — isn’t likely to help matters, a senior Pakistani official told Reuters.

A commander with the Frontier Corps vowed that morale would remain high among his men despite the release of the bloody footage.

“Our soldiers enlist because they want to sacrifice for their country,” Majeed Marwat said, adding, “We are taking care of the families of the martyred soldiers.”

The bodies of the men, all of them Mulagori tribesmen, were discovered on Jan. 5. A Frontier Corps officer was suspended for failing to rescue the kidnapped soldiers, whose families received about $1,600 apiece from a Corps fund.

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bobert +7 points2374 days ago

its fuckin amazing that these clowns have any fuckin bullets left PROTIP ITS CALLED SEMI AUTO TRY IT ASSHOLE Reply Report

ABC +3 points2335 days ago

those "TALIBAN´S" , "AL KAIDA" and such arent muslims , our qoran is strictly against terrorism , killing people and such .. Islam is the most peaceful religion of all ... Also the twin tours , not muslims have done that ,it was people calling themselves muslims because they want you naive people to believe that ISLAM is a fucked up religion !! you only believe what you want to believe , everything else you just ignore !! YOU GUYS WHO ARE WRITING SUCH COMMENTS ARE NOT ANY BETTER THAN THOSE TALIBAN FUCKS BEING HEARTLESS AND BRUTAL.. soon the REAL MUSLIMS will RULE THE WORLD , and the day this happens will be the day where the world starts to be a better and peaceful place !!

as salamu alaykum ! ! !
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pinkpussi4u   0 points345 days ago

@ABC Fuck you I'm exmuslim and your fucking prophet and his friends did that... mother fucker.. fuck to your islam...and your sadic God..a god that give bitches in his paradise... A play boy God of shit.. Reply Report

wtf +3 points2309 days ago

This is fucked up Reply Report
stop war and killing

stop war and killing +3 points2183 days ago


Exodus 20:13 You shall not murder

Revelation 21:8
But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
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falcon +2 points2110 days ago

pakistan has been a victim of the gifts of feudal system from the english and cia trained operatives -these so called taliban leaders hiding in pakistan...American CIA was itself the one who organised and started these madrasas and training camps in pakistan. Lets cut the blame game and wake up! Most of these talibans are foreigner - arabs form neighboring gulf..Pakistan army launched a massive swift paced shoot to kill operation called Operation Cleanup against this Taliban plague in the northern tribal regions.. Reply Report

Ethan +2 points2042 days ago

All this fight over a god... Smh... Reply Report

Skoo +1 points2104 days ago

Islam a religion of Peace Love and Understanding at its best Reply Report

fuck +1 points2095 days ago

Fucking unethical assholes let allah be your demise went the time comes you asshole wankers...!!! Reply Report

syed +1 points2088 days ago

Haram zadayeeee....................son of pigs those are killing like that ... Reply Report
A famous guy

A famous guy +1 points1983 days ago

Killing in the name of God (or Ala to them). Now that's just what GOD wants you to do. Twisted idiots. Religion is the #1 killer of people. It starts wars, corrupts people's thought, and promises the unachievable. Reply Report

ambi +1 points1967 days ago

they are not Muslim. these son of a bitch. Reply Report

lol +1 points1706 days ago

pakistani killed by other assholes its ok i think :P Reply Report
A Buddhist Who Wants Peace

A Buddhist Who Wants Peace +1 points1661 days ago

Al'Qaeda and the Taliban aren't Muslim they are racially driven extremists who kill because they think they'll be awarded in Ala's eyes but all they're getting is a guarantee endless torment at the hands of their god. Reply Report

Fart   0 points2237 days ago

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carlos   0 points2111 days ago

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Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa   0 points1962 days ago

The last guy to get hit was hit with AP rounds Reply Report

torerotomcat   0 points293 days ago

these guys who are so courageous killing others deserve death. Nothing else. Reply Report
ateismo radicale

ateismo radicale   0 points1838 days ago

La religione è l'oppio dei popoli... imbecilli! Reply Report

NO   0 points1721 days ago

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Future-cuisider   0 points830 days ago

Some people deserve same thing! You want to be famous? Your name will be one of the victims names! I'm ready to die i just don't give a FUCK.
Reply Report
just an idea

just an idea   0 points734 days ago

someone should start hunting tours over there. make a game of it with a point system and everything. could be fun. Reply Report
Bond 007

Bond 007   0 points652 days ago

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pinkpussi4u   0 points345 days ago

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@raphabonas   0 points123 days ago

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@raphabonas   0 points123 days ago

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rbs   0 points284 days ago

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Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll -1 points1380 days ago

Good way to stop a headache Reply Report

Fuckislam -1 points1312 days ago

These pale monkeys arent even human... waste them all and let the world get on Reply Report
the john

the john -2 points2220 days ago

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