Cannibal Porn Star

The full video of Luke Magnotta (the cannibal porn star from Canada) murdering his friend.

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silentwatcher +9 points2053 days ago

c'mon...this is really sick man! Reply Report

Huh. +6 points2037 days ago

How the fuck dose that shit get on this website? Reply Report

! +2 points2052 days ago

Today the busted him in a internet cafe in Berlin (Germany)!
And its not a fake. You can read it in the news!
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Anne +2 points2052 days ago

This is horrible.
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humanity +2 points1425 days ago

This is so disgusting, anyone who find this interesting is sick and evil, how sick can a low life of a human you are to find this interesting, it is sickening. Reply Report

Lol   0 points777 days ago

Oh i like it Reply Report

faeriejane +2 points1111 days ago

So is this the real video, or is it a fake pretending to be the real thing? I guess just give my comment a plus if you think it's real and a minus if you think it's a fake. :-/ Reply Report
Rollie B.Good

Rollie B.Good +1 points2053 days ago

never seen such sickness before.. I know there some sick puppy's around the world, but on this vid I see there king! Reply Report

santi +1 points2053 days ago

oh man.this is some sick shit Reply Report

aaYYYEE +1 points1925 days ago

nigga poppin him lie popcon Reply Report
Cat Man Doo

Cat Man Doo   0 points2053 days ago

These chinese perv who was eaten was also sick, but the Magnolia arsehole killed animals just for fun- burn in hell, sicko! Reply Report

pop   0 points2053 days ago

i hope the fbi catches this sicko, i cant believe people can do this to another human being Reply Report

Anonymous   0 points2039 days ago

All those who thought this was a fake vid...i bet you're eating your words now huh? Reply Report

vege   0 points2038 days ago

cobarde........ Reply Report

johncv66   0 points1225 days ago

at least he didnt waste the meat Reply Report

htg90d   0 points323 days ago

Strange video Reply Report
Shut the fuck up Satan

Shut the fuck up Satan   0 points1109 days ago

>.< Holy... Shit...
This is fuckeeeeeddd up
Reply Report

diddles   0 points1230 days ago

love this song Reply Report

Jezzzz   0 points752 days ago

Wtf is this shit man jeez this is to much Reply Report
langer77 planetromeo

langer77 planetromeo   0 points437 days ago

geile gruß CBT-medical-sm bei planetromeo Reply Report

Brad2   0 points410 days ago

He has good taste in music. This is where I first heard this! Reply Report

16   0 points389 days ago

buahahhah !! Reply Report

dirtbag -1 points2053 days ago

Meh...bout the same as watching Cartel handiwork with some homo thrown in to cover up the plagarism. Reply Report

! -1 points2052 days ago

Today they busted him in a internet cafe in Berlin (Germany)! Reply Report
Dum dum

Dum dum -1 points2037 days ago

DAM!!!!.. LMAO. This is Really Fucked UP. O_o Reply Report

actually.. -1 points1781 days ago

although this case is very, very real. this video is not. if you go back and count the number of times the victim was stabbed, it doesn't match the number of stab wounds. also, the victim was clearly alive in the beginning of the video. stab wounds would create an arterial spurt affect, leaving blood sputtering for the wounds and pooling on the body. there would also be cast off blood on the walls. I stopped watching after the first minute and a half or so but im sure I could find about 10 other legitimate reasons this video is fake.. Reply Report

Darkside -1 points1616 days ago

I really want to destroy this useless, gutless CUNT... Anytime Tosser.. hahahahahahah a
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fuck the state

fuck the state -2 points2034 days ago

homo erotic necro fantasist !!! the thing out of all the fucked upness in this vid that gets as he casually sneezes whilst the dog is eating his dead homo lovers leg. i find it fucking surreal. well thers a simple way to deal with the likes of him , and rapists and paedos...chop the bollocks off and no more highly dangerous sexual desires...there you go. Reply Report
mr T

mr T -2 points2015 days ago

Get a decent camera please Reply Report
the real deal

the real deal -2 points1827 days ago

Reply Report

Dude -3 points2038 days ago

aw, cute cat! om nom nomz :3 Reply Report

lol -13 points2053 days ago

Fake.....i mean come on really... Reply Report