Funnel abuse

Girl has her pussy filled up by funnel.

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Splinter +33 points1721 days ago

I want more. Where is this from? Which series? Anything to feed google with? Reply Report

unnamed +2 points1770 days ago

obviously the people who were involved in this vidio are sick basterds looks to me she is basicly getting raped she obviously aint likeing what is going on and shit like this needs to stop Reply Report

Funnellover +1 points1914 days ago

This is fucking hot. Is this real or what? Reply Report

DS +1 points1598 days ago

Hey morons (specifically the gay one), SHE'S ACTING. Hot acting, but still. This lady should be honored for her role here, for it is the best acting (in the forced/rape category) I have seen to date. Bravo! Reply Report
want want

want want +1 points731 days ago

Bump. This is hot as hell. Source, plz. Reply Report

Japlover   0 points2056 days ago

Crying Japanese girls never fail to get me hard. Reply Report

antoniomamie   0 points1795 days ago

too if the orientals send porn why is the hot parts digitally blocked it's annoying even if the ideas hot animee adult is the same they too should not be censored Reply Report

dontcare   0 points1572 days ago

People who think rape and forced anything are fucking sick and need to be put down like the fucking monsters they are. I would gladly be the one to avenge all the girls out there who are humiliated hurt and killed with rape every day. Sick fucking assholes. Myonly question to you is how. How can you find such disgusting hurtful acts erotic or hot. Theresa special place in help for people like you. Reply Report
Sexy bitch

Sexy bitch   0 points283 days ago

First of all I like this, because if I was in her position I would love it, but is cry because it's humiliating, but I love to be humiliated Reply Report

pervertscott   0 points16 days ago

This is so cool I want more of this kind of thing Reply Report

antoniomamie -1 points1795 days ago

though i am gay ... not very fond of women , this poor oriental girl seems as though she falls under the heading of human trafficing and the mans' face with her should be sought and see what'up crying and scared ,,,,it's hot but not the police of that country of this videos origin....god knows she could've been abducted...she could be your daughter , sister or mom ! I like the violations to be as it would in most arabic..countries a loose women or acting strange with her husband isn't there with her,,or getting caught cheating in an adultry act...would be treated as a stray dog loose on the street and done by every male dog af will..would love to see actual videos made in secret of them being abused and rapped by every taliban man then stoned to death .....not like this poor oriental atthuorities should take note of that mans' face an find out what's going on but you know where ever theres' money to make the rich,,richer,,,and in on it the not excluded they pretend they 're doing an against human trafficing but they are in it too Reply Report
non member

non member -1 points1697 days ago

"Unnamed" is a usless fucking tool... this is the sole purpose women are put on this earth and the only way they should be treated .if ur a dumb fool who allows his girl to have rights and make choices then shame on u for allowing them to be more then the cum dumpsters they were given to man for.. Reply Report
duck you

duck you   0 points343 days ago

Fuck you. But not you, some pshyco rapers like the guys in the video. I hope you will feel the biggest pain in the world. Lets not forget what women did to this world - basically EVERY PERSON YOU COULD THINK OF. You ass. I hope God make you feel what that girl felt. I am praying right now for that to happen. Women did gret things. Reply Report
non member

non member -2 points1697 days ago

Cant think of another reason asian girls are useful.. seems like these guys know that too.. anyone that thinks otherwise is a fucking donkey Reply Report

youaredumbfker -2 points1500 days ago

sick muthfuker that why Japanese should suffer wraith burn in hell Reply Report