Cute blonde unloading big turd

You'd never expect a hot girl like this to produce a turd bigger than many guys would.

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Scatophile +12 points1880 days ago

Beautiful girl making delicious looking big shit sausages. Even toilet says *burb* after swallowing that log.

Very sexy video.
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jones +5 points1964 days ago

wish we could have seen it coming out. I'd sodomize the shit out of her. Reply Report

OhhBoy +4 points1810 days ago

Pretty and slutty-looking and can acommodate a sausage like that in her bum without any trouble? I LOVE HER. Reply Report

LoL +3 points2052 days ago

Ready for anal sex ;-) Reply Report

buttlad +3 points1877 days ago

that's why girls' asshole can accomodate a big cock easily,,,,,, Reply Report

. +2 points1832 days ago

like to be a fat chicken, then be roasted and eaten by her. add to her body and digest into her poo like this.. Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +2 points1543 days ago

I agree with Jones......421 days ago. Watching the poo come out is one of the sexiest sights I can imagine! Such a shame we couldn't see it. :-( Reply Report

Britguy69 +2 points1426 days ago

That must have come out at supersonic speed.....wish I'd been under her, then lick her arse clean..... Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +1 points1580 days ago

I'd love to have been fucking her while she emptied herself :)
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Albert Hall

Albert Hall +1 points1515 days ago

I'd smash that whore's shit pipe. Bend her over and rattle her fillings as I bang her sexy shit box Reply Report

Peat +1 points1368 days ago

That's seriously 1 1/2 foot Reply Report

Fetishist   0 points1712 days ago

Very sexy. Just wondering: what is her diet? Reply Report

sa555m -1 points2070 days ago

i wish i could lick it Reply Report

PoopLove -1 points1765 days ago

I'd eat that poop in one bite! Or I'd smear it on my face as I jack off into her asshole. I love the smell taste and texture of a pretty girls poop. There is nothing better than having a hot girl squat over my face and have a big smelly fart before fling my mouth with a huge smelly corn poop! Reply Report

me -1 points1556 days ago

She has one hot ass too Reply Report
Ass Licker

Ass Licker -2 points1947 days ago

Wow~~ Nice Shit Man
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Pavkol -2 points1939 days ago

Velmi špatné video, protože není vidět jak to hovno z ní leze Reply Report

chris -3 points1843 days ago

can i eat it Reply Report