Girl gets abused while sleeping by her dad and brother

That looks like a very happy family.

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mimi +37 points1949 days ago

wish my daddy and bubby did that to me :) Reply Report
hot daddy

hot daddy +5 points1445 days ago

I would be more than happy to do that to you! Even if u had just minutes before been used by another man or your brother or daddy! Reply Report

babykake6969 +6 points1628 days ago

My bf rapes me in my sleep all the time n i don't wake up Reply Report

No1daddy +4 points1232 days ago

Get him to video it! Reply Report

jack +4 points1848 days ago

Worst camera man i have ever seen Reply Report

tfoxxx   0 points510 days ago

holy shit right? Reply Report

sylar2013 +3 points1570 days ago

why didn't one give her a facial and the other give her a creampie, that true family loving ';D Reply Report

fuckmeplz2 +3 points1333 days ago

I wish someone could do this to me Reply Report

GP +2 points1610 days ago

Just what I wanted to see a girls face, Worst camera man ever Reply Report

Wondering +2 points1207 days ago

How come neither one came either in her pussy or her face? How come she didn't wake up especially when she was being fucked?..The camera person needs to learn how to operate a camera!! Show her face occasionally but not constantly!!! Reply Report

Lolwat +1 points1672 days ago

How did she not wake up.. -_- fake Reply Report

HornyGirl +1 points1635 days ago

Wish I got fucked :) Reply Report

Anonymous +1 points1318 days ago

How the fuck did she sleep through this?
Reply Report

hope12345678998765 +1 points697 days ago

i wana fuck some girl while she's slept Reply Report

jrc91   0 points287 days ago

Reply Report

randumguy   0 points1520 days ago

It being fake is obvious..we lived in america and this porn site is common place.. Reply Report

Donnydick   0 points892 days ago

Like more realistic videos and heavy r is good for this Reply Report

somebody   0 points924 days ago

you like it mimi Reply Report
mohammed mohhamad

mohammed mohhamad   0 points849 days ago

allah akbar Reply Report

xyz   0 points761 days ago

Is she dead? Reply Report

fuckslutcumdump   0 points260 days ago

Wen i was 13 my brother who was 19 and watching me had got me drunk then he and our cousin who was 21 took turns having there way with me one at a time one fucked me while the other recorded it back and forth Reply Report
17 now take away my virginity

17 now take away my virginity -1 points1098 days ago

I really wanna lose my virginity and I have fantasy of being asleep and fucked or being tied up really want sex Reply Report
hot rod

hot rod +1 points1066 days ago

I'll do both and more. R u in Australia? Reply Report
17 Now Take Away My Virginity

17 Now Take Away My Virginity   0 points1044 days ago

Please do I'm really horny and no I'm in England Reply Report

hornybeast2312   0 points270 days ago

where abouts in England and how old Reply Report

anonymous -1 points837 days ago

Videos like this annoy me. Way too rough... way too loud for a sleeping rape fantasy... Maybe more like chloroform rape. Hell the guy at one point started choking her. She is a beautiful model.... and acted her part well. I would have loved it more had she acted like she was having a very wet and spicy dream. Reply Report

2lolo -1 points829 days ago

1000% FAKE.!!!! Reply Report

randumguy -2 points1520 days ago

The real focus should be on why exactly you ppl watch this genre of porn and for the ppl that are actually turned on by their true family well I guess I'd have to wonder why lust for something which brings so much complication and danger when there are other ways to tweek that the same way for less concern or well i think I'd be wondering what it was that made me like my sister or mom or dad or w.e. in a sexual way more than the many other various forms of sex found by the rest of the world around you.. Reply Report

Rohite -2 points896 days ago

Reply Report

Anonymous -3 points1318 days ago

Second, Why would her dad fuck her?
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web head

web head -5 points1817 days ago

that is so fake Reply Report

justice -12 points2012 days ago

these guys should be thrown into jail
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