Raped by burglar

Burglar takes advantage of unconscious girl.

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Superchicken +26 points1887 days ago

Raped by burgler, raped by electrician, raped by Osama Bin Ladin, quite a series available on this site. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +7 points1622 days ago

i love getting raped in my pantie hose. sometimes i will be wearing just a bathrobe, satiny slip and hose and he will rape me. Reply Report

Serina +3 points762 days ago

My fantasy! Mmmm I got soooo wet watching this Reply Report

shooterbaby +2 points1808 days ago

Gee, a "NICE" condom wearing rapist. What else could this shaven little tight pussy girl asked 4 anything more? So many Nice gals[bitches?] wearing skirts up 2 their ass,shaking it around= sometimes us guys have 2 wonder out loud: R they really asking 4 it? Reply Report

dudecool +2 points1451 days ago

i like her nipples Reply Report

Dvailen +1 points1886 days ago

He should have left her awake... Reply Report
no member

no member +1 points1683 days ago

No us girls don't ask to be raped Reply Report

use_me_violently +1 points1646 days ago

anyone likes to role play rape im me on Y! as use_me_violently Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points1666 days ago

this was good Reply Report

bobo   0 points1666 days ago

this was good lol
Reply Report
Ezza :3

Ezza :3   0 points1623 days ago

@Non-member not good
shut the fuck up if it isnt good why are you watching it, or should i say why did you watch it?
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Bobby   0 points1592 days ago

Loving slim girl to abuse stripping her naked enjoying the view of her sweet yummy toes as well Reply Report

bestdamnthing   0 points1579 days ago

Nice vid. Reply Report
Hot Legs

Hot Legs   0 points1258 days ago

I would've just grabbed her, put her on her bed, strip her, and bang her
while she tries desperately to escape but is hopelessly trapped being
Reply Report

Haderpa -1 points1653 days ago

It's not as fun when they don't struggle or scream.. I would have just grabbed that bitch and fucked her in the bathroom Reply Report
Some guy

Some guy -1 points1254 days ago

@not good
You know this isn't real right?
Reply Report
not good

not good -9 points1727 days ago

This is very wrong and I am going to report this to police Reply Report