Girl gets abused in her sleep by her dad and brother

She fell asleep drunk after the family celebration and made it easy for her dad and brother to abuse her.

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melissa +80 points1915 days ago

My step father used to sleep with my while I was asleep till one day I woke up in the middle of it. He always came in. It hurt and it was nasty. But I didn't wanna make him mad. Reply Report

Luvsex +5 points991 days ago

That's a good help sure Reply Report

impregnate-her +18 points1740 days ago

I would have continued to fuck you and wouldnt have stopped till you were knocked up Reply Report

SlimyDixk +16 points891 days ago

Imagine her waking up in the middle of it all, her fat ass dad fucking her rough in the pussy. She screams as he cums bucket loads of baby juice into her fertile womb and he silences her with a sloppy kiss. He falls asleep on top of her, cock burried deep within her, stopping all the cum from leaking out as she lays crying under him, feeling his cock twitch and throb inside her slimy pussy, releasing more burning hot cum ever half an hour or so - mmmm Reply Report

fuckmeplz2 +12 points1659 days ago

Anyone wanna fuck me like that message me on here Reply Report
Dicked down

Dicked down   0 points450 days ago

Lemme cope a feel
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tim9999999   0 points557 days ago

I wanna fuck u Reply Report
LmoaGurl :3

LmoaGurl :3 +10 points1966 days ago

Haha she didn't even realize dad fucking her up with his fat ASS Reply Report

wow. +8 points1926 days ago

talk about an akward breakfast after this... Reply Report

gomezaddams51 +6 points2271 days ago

Yawn..never did show her pussy...if the "Dad" had gotten his fat arse out of the way it would have been better... Reply Report

lucyburns +6 points1832 days ago

I want to be tucked right know who's up for it? Reply Report

mmmmmm +1 points1812 days ago

Me Reply Report

dave +1 points1832 days ago

I'll fuck you Reply Report

Macc +3 points1936 days ago

Good job, these two. I loved the men in this video. That's it, fuck that girls till you're all satisfied. Reply Report

faper1 +2 points2038 days ago

maaan they just gave k.o. drops Reply Report

Mike54449 +2 points760 days ago

Did you like it when your dad fucked you
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Yes I love it

Yes I love it   0 points71 days ago

@Mike54449 yes I loved it
Reply Report
Yes I love it

Yes I love it   0 points71 days ago

@Mike54449 yes I loved it
Reply Report

Non-Member +2 points909 days ago

This comment place is full of twisted people and what does that make me if I'm here also Reply Report

greek4u +1 points1221 days ago

so fake Reply Report

tim99999 +1 points557 days ago

i wanna rape her hard Reply Report

anna   0 points2194 days ago

ya it was gooooood but dad get his long one in ???? Reply Report

JIm66666   0 points557 days ago

ill fuck that girl hard
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Hornysickslut   0 points10 days ago

I want to get fucked by my father so bad , i watch incest video all day , my pussy is so jucy just by the idea of it , i also imagine his friends fucking me in front of him and him hearing me scream and moan and then he fucks me real hard and fills my pussy with his cum , uh i wish my dad fills my pussy with cum one day Reply Report

wtflmao -7 points2422 days ago

Sick description but super fine beauty Reply Report

mistressmystique -9 points2200 days ago

This sort of looks real, the girl really seems unconscious. Disturbing. Reply Report
Black Supremacist

Black Supremacist -9 points2036 days ago

Only whites do this kind of shit Reply Report
stop watching sin

stop watching sin -173 points2088 days ago

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Who cares

Who cares +1 points452 days ago

Hey, I got 8 words for ya pal if you don't like it don't watch it! God dam.this is a porn website what did u expect to see here. Honestly u can go believe anything u want but don't try to ruin our fun. We all know what the bible says and it didn't stop us so I don't understand why you think u can Reply Report
Slut face

Slut face +1 points452 days ago

Exactly Reply Report

TwistedSoul +4 points725 days ago

This is not the place for your religious comments and recitings. Please take them somewhere else. Reply Report