Teacher caught jerking off in front of class

Girl records her teacher secretly jerking off behind his desk to class full of children.

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Aline (14)

Aline (14) +87 points2219 days ago

If I was in that class, afterward, I'd help him finish the job. Reply Report

opöio   0 points348 days ago

@Aline (14) Reply Report

RhinoCock +5 points1042 days ago

Help me please
Reply Report

sickman +32 points1777 days ago

If I was a teacher in front of a class full of teenagers, I would jerk off whole day long. Reply Report

lulz +28 points2140 days ago

You dorks take descriptions far too seriously. You can barely believe what you see on camera, let alone in the description. "eww" says pedophile, even though we see no children. "wtf" says gonna get raped in jail, even though we see no crime. "jay" says cut his dick, cause he's a sick fuck. This could easily be a simple set to get 100k views on a site like this. Reply Report

Bigjoeeedhfhcv +13 points1930 days ago

Well I know who just passed the class lol Reply Report

KidsToday +9 points1290 days ago

What part of no cell phones in class do you not understand? Reply Report

Littlenymph +7 points640 days ago

If fucking only i had a teacher so dirty Reply Report
hell yeah

hell yeah +6 points1606 days ago

If I was a teacher I'll try to fuck one of those students and cum on those teen girls he's doing nothing wrong so fuck you hater you cut your dicks off and burn n hell and get raped in heaven haters
Reply Report

ahah +5 points1814 days ago

i need to do like him ! Reply Report

a789456123b +4 points2414 days ago

I'd buy him some shrubberies Reply Report
Luke Webster

Luke Webster +3 points754 days ago

A teacher in Sex ed Actually done a demo on masturbation he did it I front of us lol
Reply Report

mark +2 points1771 days ago

well after he is done he will be all relaxed adn can finish talking to the class Reply Report
Luke Webster

Luke Webster +2 points718 days ago

I jerked my 2 inch dick to my teacher ms littlecot she gave me an BJ as well Reply Report

Camanbero   0 points305 days ago

Hes a science teacher, he just needs a DNA sample to further his experiment. Reply Report

Cockshow   0 points201 days ago

I’d love to cum all over those kids. Especially if they’re young. Reply Report
Lets thinking

Lets thinking -1 points392 days ago

Idiot and really stupid idea... The World is going to dogs... Not up... Down... Reply Report

Dornhoff -3 points2334 days ago

This is obviously a fake, a set-up. Reply Report

wtf -5 points2415 days ago

Kill it with fire Reply Report

FAKE -5 points1794 days ago

FAKE! Reply Report

HomelessGoomba +3 points1266 days ago

Yes That Is Your Name Reply Report

btterfly75 -6 points1697 days ago

This has to be fake Reply Report

sehnsucht -9 points1084 days ago

Thats why males shouldn't be teachers Reply Report

Super216 +5 points640 days ago

Ummm if I'm not mistaken I hear an awful lot of news stories lately about women teachers fucking their students. Reply Report

Bobert -11 points1973 days ago

well if that was my teacher he would get fucking terrored haha Reply Report

jay -21 points2415 days ago

cut his dick Reply Report

wtf -25 points2415 days ago

Fucked up shit! Guys gonna get raped in jail.. Though he'd probably like it... Reply Report

Eww -26 points2412 days ago

Fucking pedophile Reply Report