Girl shits in public

Asian girls love to defecate in public.

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ranger +18 points2083 days ago

Good and nice Reply Report

buttlad +10 points2041 days ago

i love watching sexy girls taking a shit. mmmmmmmmm Reply Report

dug +9 points2008 days ago

nice healthy shit Reply Report

simon +9 points1821 days ago

as she didn't wipe her bum properly.....I want her the end of a long day......all pee and poo I can sniff them, as I masturbate. Reply Report
Jamie bigs

Jamie bigs +8 points2055 days ago

Big shit.nice one:) Reply Report

Jk4 +6 points2055 days ago

Nice big shit:) Reply Report

rob +5 points2143 days ago

nice terd Reply Report

lol +5 points2039 days ago

Love the way they video her taking a shit and block out her pussy lol Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -1 points1222 days ago

It's the stupid Asian laws!! Still, they kept the best part uncensored. :) Reply Report

Shit-Lover +4 points1990 days ago

Would have been better if there was some girl with an open mouth beneath her.^_^ Reply Report

scrw +4 points1892 days ago

I'd have shoved my cock up her ass before the last turd hit the ground Reply Report
poop head

poop head +3 points1723 days ago

Idk why but I love watching my little sister shit. Does anyone else like smelling dirty panties
Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points1222 days ago

When you watch her, does she have a nice big poo & does it smell nice? :) Reply Report

victor357 -2 points1374 days ago

I love smelling dirty,pissy,shitty panties,especially your little sisters. Reply Report

poopnfart +1 points1555 days ago

I'd eat her yummy poop right out of her puckered bumhole as I stroke my stiff cock to a big cum shot! Reply Report

Scatophile   0 points2086 days ago

Beautiful girl taking a tasty shit. She has a cute tight little ass. Reply Report

Jk4   0 points2055 days ago

She couldn't have wiped her arse properly there:) Reply Report

Cider   0 points1804 days ago

Quick and clean. She didn't need paper in fact. So, she left a 'gift' behind... Did I notice she pissed for a few seconds styarting at 0:45 on the right side of the vid ? It should be natural as we all pee, especially woman, when we shit, at leszt a little bi. What a marvellous 'mise en scène' because it is difficult to foresee everything. Here, al was fine as programmed. Nice poop indeed. She must have feel better... Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points1222 days ago

2 minutes 10 seconds.....that's a tasty meal right there!! :) Reply Report

manatee -2 points1366 days ago

she has no clue she didnt even need to wipe/when its a perfect turd there is nothing to wipe/hot /i would slide up in after she was done Reply Report

gar -7 points1688 days ago

No!,It's just you Reply Report

Brako -8 points1997 days ago

Do you reckon there are any women left on the planet who haven't been filmed shitting, pissing, fucking, sucking, or getting there tits out when pissed?

Seriously man!
Reply Report