African Boy Shot to Death In The Back

In these shithole countries you better not argue with soldiers, this boy learned the hard way.

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Al +37 points2074 days ago

you sick fucks enjoy seeing the black race die Reply Report

lolocaust +17 points2182 days ago

Black people are cute! Reply Report

rossirep +12 points1523 days ago

humans are the most vile things to ever live on this planet, this video, & some of these comments prove that. Reply Report

wise +7 points1457 days ago

Amen Reply Report

Krill +10 points2186 days ago

And why the fuck did they kill him? He just happened to go to the wrong village or what? Reply Report

Jack +10 points1712 days ago

Can not believe you pathetic human beings are laughing at fellow human being being murdered a young boy the day you lot draw your last breath the better Reply Report
Rollie B.Good

Rollie B.Good +8 points2190 days ago

The world went totaly fucked up Reply Report
The Hammer

The Hammer +2 points1681 days ago

Ignorant, violent, superstitious cultures need to be eradicated. Reply Report

ThatGuy +1 points1780 days ago

@The next genital fagman, how about you leave? Im Native American, its not up to you to decide which race stays here. Racist are just ignorant fags who don't belong in 2013. So do us all a favor and either leave or kill yourself.. Ill gladly be there to wish you off. Reply Report

puppykicker +1 points257 days ago

oohbahgoobah! Reply Report
carlos falcao

carlos falcao   0 points2189 days ago

onde foste buscar este video? Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state   0 points2189 days ago

aww see all black people are nice, i dont know why the western world and powers say you cant judge people as individuals....but it must be the correct thing to do. yes.. aah we should all respect everyone like these in this video.. especially the ones with the guns..its their right to be respected... and this for every cunt on this planets information is the mentality that led to the slave trade !!! Reply Report

neil -1 points2190 days ago

it keeps cutting away during the good bits. Reply Report
Slow Stroker

Slow Stroker -1 points509 days ago

These are the only kinds of videos I can jerk it to that involve black "men". Hell, it's just a nature show really. Reply Report

Coonjuicer -2 points1726 days ago

Yes, we like watching the black race die, oh I mean nigger race sorry about that. Btw, did you know that homicide is the number one killer of black males in the world and here is proof. Rot in hell niggers. Reply Report
fahd islam

fahd islam -2 points1323 days ago

my dookie looks better than him. Reply Report

Robert -3 points1380 days ago

Horrible India Reply Report

dafuk"! -4 points2185 days ago

somebody better tell the name to the complete version O.O Reply Report

gerry -4 points1681 days ago

Sick fuck African cunts, they should just nuke this fucking hell hole country and all its inhabitants.
Reply Report
swag master

swag master -4 points1582 days ago

Thisvis what happens wen you cut wellfare Reply Report

Ha -6 points1521 days ago

Kkk niggaz represent Reply Report

africaisparadise -27 points2176 days ago

Just think, those Kony 2012 fucktards want us to send troops to help these stupid fucking Africans. Ya right... send them some trendy hipsters for target practice instead; just round them up at the Starbucks and fly them over. Reply Report

blackfutur -32 points2124 days ago

its a old video. today africa is the same. who gives a shit? nobody. done Reply Report

yoyo -33 points2187 days ago

Send all black people back to Africa before they will take over police, army and other institutions in europe. We are doomed. Back to the primitive Reply Report

MeC -36 points1923 days ago

Nigs is the US are doing everything they can to turn America into Africa. Reply Report
The next genicidal madman

The next genicidal madman -50 points1988 days ago

you sick fucks enjoy seeing the black race die...err yeah. All niggers need to either be killed or shipped off back to Africa. Reply Report