Lesbian drinks piss through a funnel

I guess she was thirsty.

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Stop wasting it you stupid slut Reply Report

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whats the first woman who pisses called with the long hair?????? Reply Report
GapingHoles True storie

GapingHoles True storie   0 points867 days ago


I am a man that really likes to be fist fucked.
I like the feeling of being stretched.
It can not be described in words.
The bigger my ass is the more times I would back to a mirror,
spread it apart to look inside.
I got married but my wife has no idea, and would not like the thought of it.
She would hate me if she new.
I am not into pain, but, like my balls to be polled and squeezed a bet.
They hang like a bull for real.
My wife says half way to my knees.
I am unable to get hared my dick is very tinny, really small.
I cannot fuck or have sex with it.
It does not work.
Rhonda my last lover said, you have no use for it.
So she started pushing down on my 9" 5 round dick when it was soft.
I would say it took about 1 maybe 1 and two thirds of a year, to broke my dick down in size,
Back then it was only one inch and lost all capabilities to ever being hard.
She then would put a nine inch by five thick dildos in my ass, and say,
“now you know what your own dick would feel like when it was still big”.
While the dildo was buried all the way in my ass I do mean all the way,
Rhonda would put on a smaller strap-on dildo.
Then walk with a huge butt plug in her ass, and start to deeply kissing me.
(I still love being kissed like that.)
As she kissed me the tip of the dildo would find its place.
Rhonda then edge forward causing my own dick to implode.
Fucking me, like I was a women.
Ho I liked it when she did that.
I always reached back and played with the butt plug in her ass.
She did the same with me.
At least the best she could.
That always gave me the best orgasm.
Most of the time my knees got week. it took most my strength to fall gently.
Causing me to lay there tell I could stand again.
Do you know what turned me on the most?
The biggest turn on was?
Knowing that as a man I was ruined.
Even to this day when I look down, or go pee.
My dick cannot be seen in less I pull it out, or it gets hard.
Hard it is two eights big.
In time Rhonda could put her hole hand in my ass.
At first I had a hard time when she moved her hand.
But later, well that was plusher.
I needed, and loved, the feel, when Rhonda twist her arm inside me.
The plusher exploded like a fire cracker or gunpowder leaving me wanting more.
I always begged her not to stop.
She could always tell when I was ready to cum
By the shaking and locking of my body.
Just before I would cum, she reached up with her free hand and started pushing my dick with raped movements in and out of my body.
By pressing fingers down, tell all you could see was her knuckles, because the rest of her poked in guided the head of my dick and started moving her finger back and forth.
That stimulated it, the movement mixed with the cum in the hole took me over the edge.
Every time my back would arch, I would lose all control, I even passed out a time or to.
Then she cleaned me up by sucking the cum back out of the hole.
Let me say something.
When I am REALLY, REALLY hard my dick is only two eights long.
It never gets hard I mean never gets hard.
To play with it, it feels like touching one of those rubber heads you buy out of the store.
When you squeeze it, the texture becomes very soft to the skin of your fingers.
It is fifty present more sensitive than any women’s clit, and a thousand times more than any man’s dick hard or soft.
Just to have my dick played sends a tickle to the balls insider the sack its self.
No other ways will I cum, but on a rare occasion with the mouth.
Like I said, “the smaller it gets the more I get turned on”.
The only down side when I pee, I half to pull it you of its sheath.
Rhonda was hit by a car and died.
I have very large hands.
Rhonda’s cunt was gaping when we started having sex.
It still took her three years to take both them to my rests
I am not gay or bi.
But I lean more toured lesbians
I would love to try a couple.
I have never sucked a man.
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