Pissing fetish turns into rage

Pissing a slut in the face is an expression of romance.

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Conna Cope

Conna Cope +16 points2134 days ago

Listen you ugly bitch, you're a worthless 2 dollar porn whore!!!!..... Nothing more. What makes you think you have an opinion? What makes you think that you matter? You're there to be pissed on, degraded and used. Open your mouth, drink the strangers piss and .............................. Smile. Then fuck off home to mummy. We don't care about you or your life. You are 1 level above a seweage rat. You fucking mouthy fuck whore. I'd knock you fucking out you slag and still piss on you. Thats all you are worth. Reply Report

1ari +6 points1881 days ago

Dudes...you fucking serious? "Stop complaining, you're just a two dollars whore and such"? I respect her more for doing a job and standing up for herself than trash like you who can't even respect another human being only because she exposes her body. Even for the trash like you. Go fuck yourself, and no, don't die. I hope you get raped and beaten up, like you deserve for wishing something like that.
I'm on Bedee on this, it's a job - she agreed to do some stuff, that push clearly wasn't in the contract. Oh, and your alpha male etc filming the scene? He was on her side. And the asshole just had to take his shit and leave. Try to think about that.
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Hehehe! +4 points1565 days ago

You see how fast that pussy ran when she got mad? Oh yeah, he's some big shot until any given woman actually has something to say about it, then he's bolting for a place to hide. Reply Report
Fat Fuck Frank

Fat Fuck Frank +2 points1706 days ago

Im with 1ari on this, fatbasterd is a fuckwit. Reply Report
Cliff Edge

Cliff Edge -1 points1235 days ago

You gay dude. You sound like you are? Reply Report

beedee241 +1 points1883 days ago

My thoughts are she should not be subjected to any activity she did not agree to prior to making the vid...PERIOD! Reply Report

fatbasterd -4 points2320 days ago

drink the piss and stop complaining bitch Reply Report

Justhappenedby -5 points1972 days ago

You lames, shut the fuck up. Big mouths online, meek and quiet in the real world. LAMES! Reply Report

sdfsdfsd -6 points2120 days ago

degrading woman? she's a fucking whore who drinks shit cum and pee. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEN??? hope she gets rapped and beaten by men Reply Report