Raped by the Taliban

She went too close to the enemy lines.

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getachew +4 points2163 days ago

Only that retarded americans will believe to that shit. This is totally Fake & I'm sure in USA they will all believe it's the truth, because how retarded they are. (I'm not muslim & not arabic, i'm french & white. So shut up before open your idiot mouth) The only thing interesting about USA is the native americans & the jazz from blackmen. The rest is 95% garbage. Allez vous faire foutre profondément bande de gros débiles irreels. L'amérique c'est le chao, c'est l'enfer si j'etais religieux. C ceux qui se sentiront visés par mes propos que j'emmerde, Bouffons. Le reste, Respect. Bye. Reply Report

sony +2 points2163 days ago

joke Reply Report

chaw +2 points2161 days ago

those fuckin french bastard only go know why we didint wipe you fuckers from the face of the earth during the eighteen hundreds anyone and every one who has never bin i the united states should go eat a dick they know not a fraction about what were capable of.were blood therstie why do you think we declared so many wars and killed so many people, the french time will come and when it deos the british wont be there to save them Reply Report

Marcus +2 points885 days ago

Lmao, dumbass French idiot. Think about your country where the women have hairy armpits. I've been in Paris years ago and be sure. Never again. Scum people, and whores with little or no taste at all :) Enjoy it. Reply Report

pussy +1 points2088 days ago

I find this shit funny and amusing :D
Reply Report

Wassat?   0 points1568 days ago

Took my s in spelling away... LOL HAHA~ Reply Report

Wassat?   0 points1568 days ago

I'm laughing my ass off at Lil' Chaw here. Pelling grammars tottaly wrong. Yeah, now i know what they're capable of now. HAHAHA!!!!!!! Whoo~. Reply Report

Mike   0 points1493 days ago

American are trying to make Muslims bad but it's not true Reply Report
chaw u fag

chaw u fag -1 points1841 days ago

Takes some retard to insult french people that way, you're such a fag, what the other guy said is some americans are naive and will believe this is real. Stop being so stupid and get your country to fix your chaotic gun control idiocy that gets innocents killed within your own country each year dickface. Reply Report
christian father

christian father -1 points1380 days ago

this kind of thing never going to do any thing to islam u knw why we are very strong Reply Report

getachew -6 points2162 days ago

Sorry about what I wrote :( I was upset after dealing with my mother about something. Reply Report