Crazy asian insect pussy insertion

She fills her pussy insect

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santa +37 points1976 days ago

i never understand these jap girls that do this crazy shit, I don't jack to this stuff and if you do well.. thats a little weird. but point is they obviously told her what she would be doing in the video before she did it i know they are acting but do they always have to sound like they are dieing? lol seriously she knew what they were gonna do.. don't do it you dont like it.. dumb bitch Reply Report

beauty -4 points1451 days ago

Is this Santa from Doha?! Reply Report

hugemilkingcowudders +9 points2180 days ago

i have done this with real roaches and i was bound they were inside my pussy as well as a crowd of japan men watched Reply Report

jwe -7 points970 days ago

OMG! I hope you were able to effectively clean yourself of all the residue. To be sure, allowing yourself to be filled with roaches is disgusting. You, allowing yourself to have roaches deposited in your body, your LIFE, clearly indicates the value you hold your existence to be.
A hole is defined by what fills it. If you fill YOUR body with roaches, we know what you believe yourself to be...
You could be full of cum. But you chose to be filled with insects, roaches to be exact. Roaches are the bottom of the food chain, they ingest...any, every thing, and excrete (aka: shit) the base organic material for life. That would You invited roaches into your body, they consumed what they found, then shit In a million years you will be an elemental part of the earth. But today you are roach waste...
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shytalk +8 points1694 days ago

I am weird, I get horny as hell looking at this stuff. Reply Report

PussyDestoyer69 -1 points1435 days ago

Ikr! Reply Report

Buggygirl +8 points1419 days ago

I would totally let someone do this to my pussy Reply Report

hugemilkingcowudders +6 points2159 days ago

they do bite crickets and meal worms! Reply Report

バカ +4 points2162 days ago

hm must be some kind of new fetich, when you hear the girl plea for them to stop. then screaming for help cause the insects bite her. and then say it hurts... O_o'
Any name yet... how about crazy Japanese girl vs insect fetich?!
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Sad sad world

Sad sad world +4 points422 days ago

Not just biting, burrowing, into her womb aswell. putting small very carnivorous grubs, meal worms expecially inside your snatch is an easy way to die, either by infection, beeeding out, or being eaten alive, Reply Report

Fucker +3 points1945 days ago

lolz what the hell
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cambam +2 points2035 days ago

This is amazing. How can you see the whole film clip? There has to be more to it, Reply Report
big cheese

big cheese +2 points342 days ago

this shit deflated me. she keeps yelling no, dont!! please!! save me!! help!!. basically its sick fucks that force the girl into this
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anonymous hater

anonymous hater +2 points342 days ago

shes screaming for someone to save her and how it hurts. any of u sick fucks thats getting turned on by this should kill them selves RIGHT NOW. Reply Report

24K +1 points2159 days ago

Its produced by Genki. Reply Report

hurdur +1 points1628 days ago

i'd be more worried that my privets are blocky then stuff goin in it. . . Reply Report
fuck jap

fuck jap +1 points1333 days ago

the bitch is noisy Reply Report

cucio -1 points1085 days ago

play Reply Report
AND, Now ive seen it all.

AND, Now ive seen it all. +1 points1023 days ago

My main question would have to be... now how the fuck do you get them out? Reply Report

unknownpussytaster +1 points631 days ago

Damm I could have fucked and sucked that pussy. I will never understand what are these asians up to. Cockroaches and beetels is a vagina is more funny that horrifying. A day will come when they will insert Shurikens in a girls pussy Reply Report
professor genkin

professor genkin   0 points1417 days ago

I love these cute wormies looking for a beautiful japanese women just like her <3
Reply Report

crazygirl   0 points1005 days ago

I want this done to me Reply Report

Kinkier   0 points600 days ago

Happy to help Reply Report

asterion   0 points909 days ago

I swear, every bitch in Japanese porn screams bloodyy murder about EVERYTHING! Does it turn Japanese men on to see these cunts screaming and pretending to be in pain? It's a huge turn off to me. Reply Report
big cheese

big cheese   0 points342 days ago

beleive me she is in pain, shes begging for people to save her. most likely they only told her half of wat se would be doing or what te consequenses wouls be to later on manipulate her into doing tis further. japan is sick bro Reply Report

hanickapusinecka   0 points820 days ago

I tried worms and it's wonderful to have the pussy Reply Report

rfan562   0 points706 days ago

WTF Reply Report

dungeonmaster   0 points378 days ago

Now put in some whip spiders.... Reply Report

Painpuppy -1 points374 days ago

I have seen the whole video. In the end where they normally have smiling girls showing it is ok, she keeps her face in the corner, sobbing. This is hot and I love it. Reply Report