Toilet spy cam

A nice girls shitting collage.

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Grizz +35 points2198 days ago

The girl starting at 2:00 top right has some serious constipation! Reply Report

fags +15 points2200 days ago

disgusting. they are wiping the wrong direction... vagina to ass and not ass to vagina. Reply Report

Fernleyguy +10 points2200 days ago

The 4 cameras took a bit to get used to,but it turned out great!

Good close-ups, a lot better than most.
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Dude +7 points2015 days ago

how the hell does one set up a camera like that without it getting noticed? my gf has a lot of female friends over and i always wonderes what they look like below waist. Reply Report
shit fan

shit fan +6 points1901 days ago

wish i was there toilet slave Reply Report

Scatophile +5 points1805 days ago

Those lovely, beautiful and sweet Japanese girls really know how to do it. Reply Report

B +4 points1752 days ago

This is fabulous. I love it. I love to watch these fabulously beautiful women shitting their monster turds like these gorgeous ones. Watching these hyper gorgeous Japanese girls squeezing out these gorgeous monster poos out of their gorgeous bulging fully stretched open anuses is so fabulously hyper exciting that I have masturbated 25 times in succession so far while watching this film clip over and over again. I wish they were shitting into my mouth rather than into a toilet!! Watching Japanese girls slowly shitting big hard lumpy turds really excites me and I really, really love to watch it while I furiously masturbate. FabulousI.
My dream is for lots of beautiful Japanese girls to each slowly shit into my mouth and for me to eat their gorgeous turds while other beautiful Japanese girls with very hairy pussies sit on my fully erect penis and furiously slide up and down on it to repeatedly bring me to the most fabulous climaxes. Fabulous!!!
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Anonymous +4 points1726 days ago

I loved it. 'Nuff said. Top right on second round was my favorite. Reply Report
porn perv

porn perv +4 points1691 days ago

I think this video made me fall in love. OMG there is nothing like gettint to see preety girls taking a shit. Reply Report

MG +3 points1609 days ago

Anyone else notice the girl on the top right second round, she didn't finish! Her asshole was open with turd in view and poking out a little when she wiped! I wish she would have tried to get it out longer! Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover +1 points260 days ago

I think that it's, rather good, that she DIDN'T get it out-this means that she still needed relief! I hope that it stayed 'in' her all week, then she would feel it! Reply Report

wretched +2 points1816 days ago

I jerked it 10x today to this, wish I could stick my dick in every one of those poopers Reply Report

victor357 +2 points1249 days ago

Some of these girls didn't wipe very well......there's gonna be some stink,shitty panties around....mmm Reply Report

¿? +1 points1731 days ago

The Round number one girl takes the camera 4 the blue.
The second girl Round two looked promising but never came to disappointing and the winner would be the girl very good camera 3 continuously.
And The last winner is obviously the girl with the camera 4 white dress and red panties by the volume of its creation.
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ilikecookies2 +1 points1611 days ago

What fun set up they have there... so erotic, and somehow... cute!
Round 1 & 2 were particularly hot!
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MG +1 points1609 days ago

Very nice! Some awesome grunting in the second group! Reply Report

BCIFU +1 points295 days ago

These will be great Reply Report

hanging +1 points612 days ago

nice Reply Report

BIG-RED-78 +1 points465 days ago

Boy those Japanese Girls sure do shit. What do they eat that make's them shit like that? Reply Report

PussyLicker84R +1 points426 days ago

this was so f disgusting ty for uploading it it was a wonderful orgasm Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover +1 points373 days ago

Nice Shitting, I liked the one who had to STRAIN, the best. Reply Report

Phuih!   0 points2058 days ago

Girls have the same shitsack afterall.. Reply Report

rebelhard   0 points1961 days ago

Domo Reply Report
moderate shit-enthusist

moderate shit-enthusist   0 points1828 days ago

4 worst diets in Japan... Reply Report
moderate shit enthusist

moderate shit enthusist   0 points1828 days ago

12 worst* Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover   0 points108 days ago

The Second 'lot' were definitely, the most Constipated, I'm happy to say! There is Something, very sexy, about a girl Really Straining to poop, especially if she totally Can't GO. Reply Report
skirt lover

skirt lover   0 points390 days ago

reminds me of the thunder box had some fun with that Reply Report

gabriel -2 points1633 days ago

Este es el mejor video q e, visto en toda mi vida me encanta I like. Reply Report

Dude -4 points1665 days ago

What if a woman forced me outta her ass like these girls? Any female takers? I wanna know what it feels like to be forced outta a girls ass! Reply Report

blue_shadow -10 points2198 days ago

Grim. Reply Report

ikillidiots -13 points2190 days ago

You really are a fagg...A stupid one...If you'll wipe your mothers behind from ass to vagina she will get bacterial infections in her stupid stinking cunt. Reply Report
Mr Ugh

Mr Ugh -38 points2198 days ago

The sad thing is you get a lot of men and probably women nowadays WANKING to this !
These shit fetish folks should be rounded up in a remote field and fucking BOMBED ! UGH !
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