Women killed by angry crowd.

In some countries they don't need courts to do justice.
update :
I get this video from malaysia country, where women were arrested for committing adultery
sorry he died of a blow hard at the end of the video, an ironic punishment

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peace +46 points2052 days ago

all those who beat her are gays and need to rot in hell!!!!! fucking faggots!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

angry +6 points2011 days ago

somebody ought to empty plenty of Gatling gun clips into those assholes!!! Reply Report
Video is full of homo

Video is full of homo +5 points2439 days ago

Islamic middle eastern shithole, does that really surprise anyone? and we take these ragheads to europe with open arms.
Just nuke these fucking animals already
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Urdumb   0 points783 days ago

You realize this was in Malaysia you fuck yard pretty far from the middle east Reply Report
kik hmbf_sos

kik hmbf_sos -4 points990 days ago

u motherfucker ...u dont know nothing about islam we respect all kind of humans but. josh is trying to make everybody hate us and this ved isnt our ved Reply Report
Allah and Mohammed are faggots

Allah and Mohammed are faggots   0 points469 days ago

Fuck Islam! A world without Islam and Christianity would be perfect. You're a goat jumping weak minded retard. Reply Report

yovi +4 points1924 days ago

Who said this video from Indonesia not from Malaysia..is kid from hell.....same like people on the video..
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non member

non member +3 points1912 days ago

Omg why they beat her and didnt rape her as they were beating her is a shame and waste of perfectly good pussy meat.. Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +3 points1848 days ago

Don't just kill here fuck here then kill here are just kill here then fuck that ass and pussy. Reply Report

dedhead +1 points1751 days ago

you are a sick fuck who should've been castrated at birth Reply Report

mantis +3 points1221 days ago

Liked her panties Reply Report

gerry +2 points2439 days ago

Fucking animals, they should be hanged these people are not human just pigs, fucking sand niggers Reply Report

Devilzrejkt +2 points2437 days ago

.... Its stupid to kill someone because of religion, you say, If god would exist he would kill such fags.....? You dont see the irony in your mentally retarded statement? Its stupid to kill someone because of religion, god should kill these fags.... haha, wow. Cross of lies, your absolutely right! The sooner humans evolve and realize there is no god, wow, could you just imagine what a better place this world would be??? It dont matter, christians, muslims, jews... They are all fucking insane! abolishing religion would bring SANITY to this world! Reply Report

koolkid +2 points2429 days ago

and we let this fucks have visa's to come into our country!!.. nothing but animals... no wonders us military people like to shoot them Reply Report
mahmod gholizada

mahmod gholizada +2 points2149 days ago

You're all wrong.'m An Iranian., And I know that this video is Iran. These videos in normal. Iran is an underdeveloped country without culture and civilization Reply Report

nashasslicker +2 points2089 days ago

What gentlemen! Did you notice how they kept covering up her ass while killing her? Reply Report
I just farted

I just farted +2 points1956 days ago

I like how they cover her naked ass to preserve her dignity as she is bloodied to death on the street. That is very considerate of them! Reply Report

sweden +2 points1875 days ago

Fyfan era jävla äckel hundar. Ni är inte värda att gå på denna jord, må ni brinna i helvetet. Hoppas hon hemsöker er alla och tar era sviniga liv (horor/horungar fittsvin döööö med er. Reply Report

nice +2 points1624 days ago

i think its beautiful need more videos like this Reply Report

SMF +2 points1184 days ago

Her leg spreading cock sucking days are over Reply Report

WTF??? +1 points2451 days ago


Non-Member +1 points2438 days ago

Animals and we get investagated for pissing on dead taliban, should all be shot for doing that to a poor young girl. sick fucks.... Reply Report

michael +1 points2432 days ago

sick sad . one day it will happen to them all . Sad thing is she is a young girl. My they all go to hell , Reply Report

fuckyou +1 points2244 days ago

and we worry about these fucking animals rights? bury them alive with a dead pig Reply Report

Travis +1 points2128 days ago

Whats wrong with these people. ??? Reply Report

mahi +1 points2029 days ago

those who did like that mother fuckers Reply Report
wat bunch of stupid

wat bunch of stupid +1 points1996 days ago

people like this are many in this earth m sure they are 80%on this earth no suprise!! Reply Report
from malaysia

from malaysia +1 points1883 days ago

that video is not from malaysia stupid!!that from iran okey!! Reply Report

zion +1 points1814 days ago

let me guess muslims Reply Report

syiah +1 points1752 days ago

this is syiah rules. Reply Report

mark +1 points1730 days ago

you sick fucks rot in hell come to usa and do that you fucks need to die like the cowards you are Reply Report
-Not right in the head

-Not right in the head   0 points2445 days ago

do you think shes dead? Reply Report
cross of lies

cross of lies   0 points2440 days ago

She was so young THERE IS NO GOD the sooner people accept this the sooner we can get rid of this animal behavior and evolve. Reply Report

neil   0 points2439 days ago

nice of one of the attackers to cover her arse. what a gentleman Reply Report

edho14st   0 points2438 days ago

I get this video from malaysia country, where women were arrested for committing adultery
sorry he died of a blow hard at the end of the video, an ironic punishment
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peter   0 points2437 days ago

fuckin subhumans Reply Report

V   0 points2277 days ago

The Woman (or better the Girl she was 17) is Du’a Khalil Aswad, a Girl from Iraq who loved a guy whit a other kind of religion, so the presumption of thze sources.
If you guys wanna know more about her, you can find much on Google & Wiki.

Greetz, "V"
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mancai   0 points2266 days ago

the mistake happen here , this thing not happen in malaysia dude...this video from indonesia Reply Report

Non-Member   0 points2256 days ago

where is human rights Reply Report

matt   0 points2033 days ago

there is no god so we need to stop shit people doing this always in shit countrys yes indonisa is shit the people are shit and look shit and act shit Reply Report
woman free country

woman free country   0 points1991 days ago

Strip wild, the day will come to be able to answer all these crimes because you have committed much more serious than that, go fuck yourself with all your crap crimes Reply Report

Lolo   0 points1964 days ago

Fuck that is full on.. Reply Report

nomad   0 points1927 days ago

WTF is this... Reply Report
free west world

free west world   0 points1876 days ago

all those animals WHAT THE FUCK ITS FUCKING WRONG WITH THEM why they do fucking care about what other people do. She was not a fucking animal to be killed like that stupid murderers. NOT EVEN A FUCKING ANIMAL DESERVES THAT YOU PIECES OF CRAP. why you people dont come to western nations and rott in prison. MAYBE YOU ANIMALS SHOULD BE FUCKING KILLED THE SAME WAY IN AN AMERICAN PRISON
I wish that poor girl its in God's memory and hope The lord brings justice to this human being.
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malaysian   0 points1847 days ago

yes. this did happen in malaysia. and not just this one. there are many similar cases. and that amer up there? he was one of those who beat that woman to death and now he is trying to cover it up with his bunch of lies. just like how the other malays tried to cover up their sins with lies. they are just a bunch of fools who think they can get away from the punishment they deserve. they rob everyday in their country. rape everyday, targeting pretty chinese women. and the police here will not take any action agaisnt them, upon their crimes. why? simply because this is MALAYSIA. the so called PEACEFUL AND HARMONY country. to all the malays, rot in hell..... Reply Report

wolf   0 points1461 days ago

this is not in Malaysia , u son of a bitch!! Reply Report

goddes   0 points1553 days ago

stupid! this videos not happen in Malaysia U dumbass....
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izak   0 points1715 days ago

this is original video fr kashmir... Reply Report

Michael   0 points1463 days ago

Jesus Christ said, he that overcomes will inherit all things, and I will be his God, and he shall be my son, but the fearful,the unbelievig, abominable, MURDERERS, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaterers and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death, we all need Jesus Christ to save us from sin and hell, give us eternal lif, he id The Way, The Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father, but by him, there is no other name under Heaven whereby we must be saved, amen! Reply Report

d1ty   0 points1515 days ago

brave muslim men doing brave things we've noticed it in england they are such kind caring people, sorry i meen cowards, lazy,dirty and selfish arseholes who think they are going to take over what a laugh they have such a shock coming. Reply Report

mike   0 points1297 days ago

nuke that evil country Reply Report

Pipopipo   0 points770 days ago

Gente de mierda asesinos,ellos no se fijan lo q son,acusan como si fueran inocentes y son asesinos,Dios ve todo Reply Report

Mercy   0 points108 days ago

pig fucker Reply Report
Mark Bryce

Mark Bryce   0 points26 days ago

open borders really Reply Report

jax -1 points2439 days ago

these people are not muslims, but fuckin kurdish yezidis.. satanistic people Reply Report

wtf -1 points2438 days ago

het zijn wel moslims geen aner volk doet zo iets Reply Report

.... -1 points2438 days ago

yeah nuke this bastards, the whole muslims also kurdish, because turkish and kurdish are the very same, its just stupid to kill someone because of religion, if god would exist he would kill such fags.... Reply Report

drphil -1 points2438 days ago

wat had ze eigenlijk gedaan, te lang naar haar neef gekeken e de vader zag dat fucking monkeys Reply Report

Adolf -1 points2438 days ago

Adolf Hitler had a dream, and the crematory in auschwitz is still there. Let's fire the oven again and clean this world!!!! Sorry for the poor little girl! Reply Report
bruce lee

bruce lee -1 points2438 days ago

STOMP Reply Report

qwrg -1 points2436 days ago

wilders wiilders Reply Report
Runescape  PVP

Runescape PVP -1 points2435 days ago

oh my god, that is fucked up man girls should be treated with respect and should be protected instead thoes animals killed her. This world is a very fucked up place to live in, mostly in the middle east. its shit there ik from experience. Reply Report

aghh -1 points1986 days ago

this wasn't in the middle east you stupid faggot -_- Reply Report

STOP KILLING ITS A SIN -1 points2003 days ago


Exodus 20:13 You shall not murder

Revelation 21:8
But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

when the body dies the soul goes to heaven or hell the soul can feel fire for ever
Reply Report

HumanHating -1 points1878 days ago

All H-Bombs of the world could be dropped over East-Europe, Northern Asia and the middle east... Then we will have pease Reply Report

he -1 points1693 days ago

they are from kurdistan, and they will not gett her to a kristen man. Reply Report

Mike -2 points2439 days ago

WOW....Just think. The wrath of God will be 10 fold for these idiots.. Reply Report

me -2 points2438 days ago

God bless here and take her in his arms. I have no words for these people, just so much pain and sorrow! Reply Report

ravenheat -2 points2437 days ago

Isalm is a stone age thinking ,they even worship a stone godess,the one that mohamidleft after he destroied all the other idols,the one god they will tell you is the same one worshiped in the west,how stupid God is Male if niot the Jesus should have been female if one goes by their twisted way They don't seem to understand the command "thou shal not kill"(muder) well this film showed that they love to kill,they are addicted to it if you don't submit to their way of thinking/worship then you must die again very stupid thinking!!! these people hate all others on this planet,they did not do 9/11 either,how could they ,they make only pipe bombs,anything above that and the grade 3 ed they have won't work.then there is the IQ of 50.
Reply Report
aden northon

aden northon -2 points2149 days ago

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I think he is an Iranian., And I'm sure he is a Muslim. Played in these events too. 50 types of crimes I've seen all the movies they love.
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kudis -2 points2033 days ago

This video from indonesian , not malaysia . Please change yr title ..... Reply Report
Amer Of Malaysia

Amer Of Malaysia -2 points1862 days ago

The above incident did not take place in my country. We in Malaysia felt so sad and angry by the person who mentioned that he 'got'? it from Malaysia. This person I guess ia a very sick person and he hates my country due to our so harmony n a peaceful situation. I think he/or she is the one who joint with all these people and the incident took place in his/her country. Shame on you n just go straight to hell...pls! Reply Report

maluku -4 points2191 days ago

this video from indonesian.. not from malaysian Reply Report

rian -5 points2439 days ago

itu kan jln yg bnr utuk megukum sese org yg salah.tpi masi ada hukum di dalam al quran.(rajam) Reply Report