Lactating tranny

Fake tits giving real milk.

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undead_orphan +4 points2163 days ago

i wonder how this happened !!?? Reply Report

explorer   0 points1018 days ago

Apparently we all have milk glands, and she has milk because she's on estrogen (female hormone). From what I hear it isn't unusual for women to sometimes have a little milk even if they aren't pregnant, so that must be how it is with this girl as well. (She's definitely not pregnant!) Reply Report

Hugh +4 points2152 days ago

2 things.

1st thing, with hormone shots this is very common.

2nd thing, her slurping sounds totally ruined what would have been a great video.

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crom +3 points2163 days ago

She is perfect in every way! Reply Report

g +1 points2152 days ago

i want to milk her dry and drink it all and let her bang me Reply Report

biwayne35 +1 points2116 days ago

O ya she gr8 and very sexi gd vid x Reply Report

Ha0 +1 points1604 days ago

She does a little bit of everything; she could breast feed a baby, and get a woman pregnant. As well as get pregnant. Reply Report

explorer +1 points1018 days ago

Nonono, she can't get pregnant. I don't know how she's managed to get milk in her breasts, but pregnant she cannot become, that's for sure. :D

But I'm just thinking....does this mean we all walk around with milk glands in our breasts? I don't think anyone would "store milk" in silicone breasts, think of how that mil would be after a few hours in the summer, so it must be something we can all do - if we were to take female hormones. - Mind blowing!

She's beautiful, though (just don't fixate on the penis).
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Daz   0 points2163 days ago

There 100% the same as a girls only odds are they will never grow bigger than a A-B cup but they can still be milked. Reply Report

rumen   0 points2151 days ago

That's easy, it's hormonal thing. Even normal man can do that with hormones. Reply Report
Tha Hood

Tha Hood   0 points2151 days ago

Fake Bitch Reply Report

TheRealMcCoy   0 points2146 days ago

My dream GF Whats her name?... Reply Report

aniket   0 points1140 days ago

stupid sounds he is making, no big deal about lactation , its coz of homeones, and shemale can fucking store real milk inside siliocone bags Reply Report