Naked Girl Walks With Cum On Face In Shoppingmall

This filthy slut really got guts to do this!

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samanthadutchslut +43 points755 days ago

wow she has guts. This is something I must try myself too when being on holidays Reply Report

angelique21 +38 points907 days ago

I keep looking at have decided I will do this when I am on my vacation......I need a couple of guys to cum on me and I will go for it Reply Report

Gotcreamforyou   0 points658 days ago

My dick is always ready to cum on a little slut face Reply Report

angelique21 +36 points1000 days ago

WOW Such a hot little whore..I want her as a friend...we could play with cum and cocks together..Never done anything like this but I could be tempted to try it...but only overseas away from my folks. Reply Report

exhibgirl +32 points1637 days ago

A very courageous girl with a perfect body for my taste ! Reply Report

tony63 +29 points1773 days ago

I don't give a fuck that she's skinny!! That girl has more balls than most guys out there!! Very hot & sexy!!! As long as she's healthy, I rather have a skinny ass broad that some obese slob!! Reply Report
Shirtless Punk

Shirtless Punk +28 points2131 days ago

Fucking horny. I like daring girls who don't give a damn who sees them. I want her impaled on my cock as I carry her, face forward defying all who see her stuck on my hard dick. Seriously, bollock naked and hard, I want to take her in public, and walk with her little fist round my cock making me cum in front of everyone. Jizz all over her her hard bare body. Reply Report

ftmetalhead +28 points1045 days ago

she drives a mk4 golf. im sold! love her!!! Reply Report
Shirtless Punk

Shirtless Punk +27 points2064 days ago

I know I posted before, but I fucking love this girl. That is so cool, to dare that. The hard look on her face when she nerves herself for the act, it makes me cum hard every time. I want to go shirtless in the streets with a girl like that, with my dick bare and hard too. Could cum without touching it, with a girl like that to spur me on.

Carol, good for you, I like that girls like this stuff enough to post. My cock's hard right now for you too, not just her.
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Sluttrainer +25 points1662 days ago

This slut is exceptional!
The way to a man's heart is through his cock and this women understands excellent piece of fuckmeat!
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Shanandoah +25 points1254 days ago

I didn't even know this was one of my fantasises till she walked into my life. What a. Odd, what a girl! Reply Report

Hornblower +22 points1477 days ago

Shocking - I don't think she had locked her car. Reply Report

dennis +17 points1573 days ago

my boyfriend calls it marking his property never been naked but he wont take me out to eat without a face full of cum Reply Report
Your Mother

Your Mother +8 points663 days ago

Due to the fact it was filmed in a 'Kaufland' supermarket in Germany (according to the language on the posters in the building), I am assuming that she is German. Well, for German girls it is different: acctually it does not need any guts for them to expose themselfes in public, but for not doing it randomly every day, since they have an inner need to do so :D
No offensiveness from any German feminists please, I was just kidding ;) BTW: Her body is adorable!
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h3nn3p +2 points242 days ago

She's hotter than hell and she is shameless ---> I'm in love! Reply Report

Fuckitall69 +1 points1287 days ago

I'd love to fuck her throat right in the store! Reply Report

RobM +1 points239 days ago

No one sees no one walks past her and the place is deserted so that's not really that 'public' is it, she didn't have to deal with a single reaction and no one ever got to see the cum so itt's a pointless stunt not public if no one sees, neither the nudity or the cum are seen by anyone so waste of movie time Reply Report

anonyms   0 points2129 days ago

that was at shoppingmall >>Kaufland<< which you can find in near every grand german town...wtfO_o
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HomerTheGreek   0 points374 days ago

a Wonder she didn't get bustbeing naked is illegal everywhere except nudist beaches and camps. Reply Report

bony -1 points2019 days ago

she needs some meat on her she's very skinny, but she's brave Reply Report

Ladida -7 points665 days ago

brilliant achievement, only that it's being done after shopping hours...
in Japan only the hottest girls are walking down the streets by broad daylight and covered in SCAT...
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Ladida -8 points665 days ago

brilliant achievement, only that it's being done after shopping hours...
in Japan only the hottest girls are walking down the streets by broad daylight and covered in SCAT...
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rapelover -14 points1698 days ago

dirty fucking bitch should be raped Reply Report

weddinglover +12 points663 days ago

dirty fucking bitch sould be married Reply Report
Jack Handy

Jack Handy -12 points1690 days ago

I would love to rape her with you buddy, we both shoot our loads in her face and make her go out in public like that!!!! Reply Report

Youngisgood +2 points658 days ago

Love her tiny body if you get her gimme a shout i can add my load to her face lol Reply Report

LOL -38 points2060 days ago

She need some food to make those titties a way i agree with SUNG Reply Report

SUNG -47 points2405 days ago


slimishotfatisnot -1 points431 days ago

go back to 'murrica, obese nigger Reply Report

Raz +32 points1669 days ago

You are horrible Reply Report