Dementing Granny Abused

Horny dude asks her to take her clothes off. Poor old granny doesn't understand what's happening and just does what this pervert says.

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dtik +13 points2352 days ago

silly boy's gonna be in trouble for that. still. he could have done much worse. Reply Report

Loveallporn +6 points1721 days ago

The least he could've done is fucked her after all that effort Reply Report

Superchicken +5 points1938 days ago

I'm sure she would disagree that she's being abused. She understands perfectly well what's going on. Granny wasn't always old, and she's enjoying the attention. Reply Report

jerseyman34 +1 points1926 days ago

she may not know whats going on , but she says being naked can't go wrong . Reply Report

lickembib +1 points1594 days ago

would love spend day in her bed any day she looks fun tasty to a lady her age is my fantisy Reply Report

Spud   0 points1419 days ago

My mother in law Hilary will do anything you want to her text me Reply Report

R.C. -1 points1240 days ago

How big is Hilary's tits ? Reply Report

stesmith +1 points1435 days ago

She duz,nt say no or stop so fuckn use her . Reply Report
Non scumbag

Non scumbag   0 points1790 days ago

This video should be banned! This site or any site should only show rape fantasy where all participants are competent and agree to participate! NO to real rape! Reply Report

lickembob +2 points1594 days ago

ur so wrong id love to be there lickin her fukin her makin her suk me all day long bet shes fun Reply Report

kennyboo   0 points1131 days ago

as long as she doesn't remember or fight it, I say go for it!! Reply Report

Spud -2 points1419 days ago

Looks like my mother in law Hilary but Hilary's tits go down to her belly I always piss over her and Hilary's always cleans my ass Hilary licks dirty panties for me with skid marks in them her daughters my wife bev Reply Report

Cumking -2 points1373 days ago

Can you message me back please ??? Reply Report