Girl gets punched in the face

Lebanese women are not equal to men.

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knish +12 points2249 days ago

right in her jewish shnoz. xD Reply Report
White Knight

White Knight +6 points2230 days ago

Does anybody know how to get a hold of that gentleman, I would like to buy him a drink! Reply Report
sorry not sorry

sorry not sorry +5 points1620 days ago

I think I would find this more offensive if she didn't say. "What are you going to do?" Talk about asking for it Reply Report
blank man

blank man +4 points2248 days ago

i bet she deserve it!!.. i will knock her face twice if i'm him... Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan +3 points2236 days ago

Wherever the Lebanese go, they are loudmouth shite. So easy to hate them... so easy. Reply Report

bongo86 +3 points2248 days ago

i hope he broke her fucking nose the silly cow Reply Report
dick johnson

dick johnson +2 points2240 days ago

dat bitch nigga betta keep da hans off dat boi, i dhave woop dat nigga ass if i was dat playa son, dat hoe betta no who da pimp is my nigga Reply Report

me +2 points2238 days ago

I'd have kicked her in the nuta Reply Report

abraham +2 points2233 days ago

Lebanese are a fucking shit, pay a woman is fearful that if his country is so shit, fucking dogs. Reply Report

Pffff +2 points2218 days ago

Fuck society and the whole "ooh but it's wrong to hit a girl, a real man never lays hands on women no matter what"

Some stupid cunts prance around feeling high and mighty being total fucking asshole because they can hit men but we can't hit back, 'cause hey that's just how the rules are right?

The exact moment you threaten/attack/insult someone you stop being Black or White, Tall or Short, Fat or Thin, Man or Woman and become an enemy...
Yes it's that simple. fuck that bitch she deserved it
Reply Report
men are better

men are better +1 points2249 days ago

The bitch had it coming- Any man that didnt want to get hit would have walked way instead of taunting him. Reply Report

hans +1 points2221 days ago

i know one libanese guy and he is an ape Reply Report

K1nkyb0y +1 points2171 days ago

it got me hard:-) Reply Report

me1 +1 points1829 days ago

i am fucking lebanese and we do not treat woman like that. what makes you sure he is lebanese? And in case he is i am sure he one of these dirty muslim fuckers that ruined our country and gave it a bad image around the world. check on youtube how we christian lebanese party you idiots. Like you never seen before. Search for SKYBAR BEIRUT you fuckin idiots before talking shit about my country. Reply Report

MadMax   0 points2242 days ago

Brave men...That guy is a pussy, thats why he fights girls.

Muslim and jewish fuck!!
Reply Report

Dirk   0 points1349 days ago

Stupid cunt had it coming to her Lol Reply Report

Lol -1 points1898 days ago

Now go make me a sandwich ^.^ Reply Report

lol -1 points1785 days ago

i dont have a opionion if right or wrong i just like to watch Reply Report

Satan -5 points2248 days ago

Brave man...punching a woman is really coward. Print the assholes name and i will upload a video when i assult him and punch his little pussyface.
Reply Report