Busted by mom

Teen girl blowing boyfriend on webcam gets busted by her mom. Haha!

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Bob +24 points2254 days ago

Her mom is fine with that? the girl isn't even embarassed. What the world has become. Reply Report

lolz +11 points2186 days ago

man, they are so lucky to have a mom who is so... so normal about them having sex, and then how they laugh together about getting caught Reply Report

loa +7 points2255 days ago

lmao! funny stuff.
She's hot though :P
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Jake +7 points2222 days ago

the girl is so cute Reply Report

wtf +4 points2226 days ago

Bob would you rather your daughter do a stranger in a dark ally? Cause when you create such taboos thats what they'll do just to tick your control freak ass off! Sure it was maybe rude they were in the lounge? But atleast they break no laws within the confines of their house, and internet is secure if you know how to use it, but hey, its tradition to screw a kids life up right? Tradition afterall is whats truly important... :P
James: You probably are a whore but no-one gives a sh!t, they are too busy watching the hottie on cam :P
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Citizen +4 points1676 days ago

she is not embarassed,well whatever,she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Reply Report

akerockstar +2 points2254 days ago

hahahah...good stuff Reply Report

dude +2 points1723 days ago

atleast this is one family that is not fucked up - by being open about sex which is natural and beautiful they have a very nice open relationship. No secrets, no bullshit. More families should be this way. Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane   0 points1867 days ago

The text has an error: the mother asks "Did I interrupt something?" not "Can I interrupt something?" Reply Report

nice   0 points1515 days ago

I'd fuck her mouth in front of her mom. Gorgeous girl! Reply Report

ingomat   0 points368 days ago

Very nice and sexy girl Reply Report
i fuck my mother

i fuck my mother -1 points1416 days ago

So good i wish i my mother same the girl suck my cock Reply Report

Busted! -2 points1822 days ago

Yolo Reply Report

AkwardMoments -2 points1673 days ago

Now i wonder...would she be embarrased to find this video on the internet? Reply Report

LOL -3 points1815 days ago

I thought she said "Sorry mom, dads penis slipped into my mouth". Reply Report

CBU -4 points2254 days ago

But what you didn't see off camera was her boyfriend flipping of her mom because she interrupted them BET HE HAS BLUE BALLS NOW HA HA HA HA ! Reply Report

james -8 points2242 days ago

fucking whore Reply Report

ingomat   0 points368 days ago

Just as much whore as your mother when you was conceived Reply Report
Incognito lol

Incognito lol   0 points368 days ago

says the guy browsing heavy-r Reply Report