Girl Found Sleeping Drunk On The Street Gets Raped By Stranger

Streets aren't safe place for wasted girls!

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Ass hole

Ass hole +86 points1624 days ago

Why can't I find naked women sleeping on my street? Reply Report

Non-Member +14 points1555 days ago

I know its a not a real rape but I like it Reply Report

Non-Member +9 points2236 days ago

FAKE Reply Report
Non member

Non member +9 points1485 days ago

Fucking sexy would have cummed in her though Reply Report

Oshit +1 points1471 days ago

Because she's not sexy enough? :P Reply Report

xx-nosoceper-xx +9 points1059 days ago

would have fucked here harder in the asshole Reply Report
Jay Anne ;)

Jay Anne ;) +8 points1384 days ago

Love how she gets smacked around and can't help herself. Reply Report
of course its fake stupid

of course its fake stupid +5 points2060 days ago

but at the end shes feeling raped by the actor Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +5 points1751 days ago

I hooker asking why are you guys doing this--what's she mean, without paying her? Reply Report

hmm +5 points1653 days ago

I think she deserved for acting like such a bitch Reply Report
Sir Jenkins

Sir Jenkins +5 points1560 days ago

I say! what a fine pussy. Reply Report

Jack +3 points1676 days ago

Anyone know her name? Reply Report

Hugetits1989 +3 points631 days ago

Should've shoved it in her ass Reply Report

ds +2 points1749 days ago

very hot
Reply Report
El Mysterioso

El Mysterioso +1 points1914 days ago

Soooo fake. Reply Report
Cum but

Cum but +1 points872 days ago

Shot a massive jizz load to this one a sexy fucking whore Reply Report

Creamdream +1 points340 days ago

Loved it. Got hecka wet thanks :) Reply Report

Cateeee20 +1 points386 days ago

Why can't a stranger find me and fuck me like this Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane   0 points1751 days ago

There was a typo in my post; I meant "A" not "I" at the beginning of the sentence. Reply Report

Non-Member   0 points1442 days ago

Fake Shit Reply Report

damien   0 points1249 days ago

EPIC FUCK Reply Report
lol i know this person

lol i know this person   0 points900 days ago

I did a porn shoot with this person called raped hard in the mouth and ass just before this guy did Reply Report

Robertppp   0 points264 days ago

. Reply Report
Honey flavoured

Honey flavoured   0 points159 days ago

Looks like Prue Halliwell Reply Report

mof -2 points1059 days ago

tiny Asian wang Reply Report
None member

None member -3 points681 days ago

I'm a female. I'm not sick in the head but I'm tired of girls screaming rape and getting in trouble. If you are drunk and can't say no then you are fair game. Reply Report
Cool story

Cool story   0 points386 days ago

True I get you
Reply Report

lulminnaar -5 points1796 days ago

Fucking STUPOD!!!!!! Reply Report

boobs -5 points1024 days ago

fuck you guys Reply Report

Jsc -6 points1513 days ago

Ddjdhrdvhdj dick Reply Report

asdfasdf -7 points1705 days ago

Small asian dicks Reply Report

:3 -2 points1394 days ago

I agree, that shit was tiny. :3 Reply Report

Non-member -7 points1222 days ago

How can anyone get hard around that white whore?!?! Reply Report

Potatoes +3 points1025 days ago

Because potatoes Reply Report
Snoop dogg

Snoop dogg -9 points1497 days ago

Damn nigga, i get some pussy's like that every single year ;) Reply Report

asif6062 -16 points1676 days ago

It's a shame that Asians have no respects for women and children. Reply Report

2muchalert -4 points1471 days ago

This is a 2much alert thx. Reply Report