Most brutal girl fight ever

I have seen a lot of girl fights and this is without question the most brutal girl on girl fight I have ever seen.

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alexandria76 +45 points1939 days ago


PVFC +21 points2046 days ago

That was a mis-match!!
How was that sexy cute girl in a black vest top ever going to beat that obese ugly fat bloke in the white top?
The fat cunt only had to sit on her and he'd win. Even a fucking elephant pales in size to that huge whale. What happened after the fight was the massive bulk still beeched or did they get the blubber back into the water.
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obviously +14 points1276 days ago

She didnt stand a chance against that fucking cavetroll. Reply Report
Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt +12 points2013 days ago

I would so fuck the cute one in the black top. What a very sexy ass. Very attractive girl. Reply Report

Obviously +11 points1745 days ago

Not surprise the one who looked and sounded like a man won Reply Report
Nigger Hater

Nigger Hater +1 points1536 days ago

Niggers always abuse their girlfriends typical…. Reply Report
Arabic prince

Arabic prince   0 points278 days ago

You mean white trash, i've seen more pigskins being abusive despite the desperate push for stereotypes by your kind.. Must be one of the side effects of the delusions of grandeur in those primate eurogenes of yours Reply Report

blackguy +8 points1735 days ago

i want a girl to beat up my girlfriend like that Reply Report
The guy

The guy -1 points427 days ago

Why? Reply Report
Sissy boy

Sissy boy +6 points1860 days ago

It is very brutal, if I was punced so much times I would just die.....:( Reply Report

sexybebo83 +6 points678 days ago

thats because you're a sissy boy ;) Reply Report

Nohbdy +4 points1819 days ago

that mexican bitch is a straight up man.
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Simple +4 points1413 days ago

Trash Reply Report
the heck....

the heck.... +3 points1986 days ago

please... kill yourselves
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Ivan Headache

Ivan Headache +3 points2006 days ago

Hey Morons:

"You are lucky the girl did'nt die"

FUCKING DRAMA QUEEN, get real missy. It was handbags at 5 paces ffs.
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Jerry +3 points1955 days ago

Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry ! Reply Report
The Judge

The Judge +3 points1950 days ago

They Both can't Fight Fo Shit. Reply Report
Sissy boy

Sissy boy +3 points1860 days ago

A nasty girl like these beat me up a mounth ago only because I am feminine sissy. i couldn't protect my self at all, only just crying and screaming for help and mercy...Was horrible, my eyrs were black, my nose and mouth bleading....just horible thing. Reply Report

hahahaha +6 points1363 days ago

hahahahahahahah Reply Report

5pawsakademy +3 points1778 days ago

this is one off the roughest fight ever they should have gone the distance and get this little bitch to eat some pussy good Reply Report
Danny Degos

Danny Degos +3 points1758 days ago

women cant punch!!! Reply Report

Xray +3 points1481 days ago

FAT girl wins , Little girl should have used Fat girl's weight to her advantage. Reply Report

Iraq +3 points1209 days ago

USA shit crazy poeple I Reply Report

Tom +3 points1014 days ago

I want the looser bitch to deepthroat me Reply Report

WTF +2 points2058 days ago

Hy we are stupid ugly girls puching each other in the face and we are so happy when we spit blood hihi yaaay People = Shit Reply Report
al s

al s   0 points239 days ago

How come they never punch each others boobs? Reply Report

malone +2 points1801 days ago

Too bad the winner was so ugly. Nice editing and direction though. Reply Report
hot hot hot

hot hot hot +1 points2323 days ago

bitch got beat on Reply Report

CyberSickness +1 points1894 days ago

morena wins! Reply Report

Ivanator +1 points1598 days ago

Girls suck at fighting.........even when they are fat ugly dykes!! Boooooo!! You cunts are useless!! Not even fuckable! Barf!! Reply Report

HeAin'tHeavy +1 points1698 days ago

I was distressed that not one of these females had their tops and bras ripped and shredded. This was the type of fight to have titties displayed. Reply Report

slutgirl +1 points1356 days ago

It would be hot if the image quality wasn't so shitty. Reply Report
rectal prolapse

rectal prolapse +1 points1179 days ago

that was so weak im sorry but ive seen way better fights just watch queen of the hood any of them are better Reply Report
Frank N. Stein

Frank N. Stein +1 points569 days ago

I've never seen anyone happy to get their face beat to a bloody pulp before. CRAZY bitch! Reply Report

WWII Vet +1 points286 days ago

I haven't seen that much blood on the beach since Normandy Reply Report

yep   0 points1975 days ago

stupid bitch desreves the beatinglol....that amazon girl kicked her ass good Reply Report

punishers   0 points1613 days ago

"most brutal girl fight ever" doesn't have to be "most" "brutal" "ever"

"....this is without question...." it is with question

unatural lesbian bitches

that's not "fight"
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Moke   0 points290 days ago

She got set up they shouldve called the fight long before it was lopsided from the jump herbeing bigger just gonna sit on her and ground and pound she was screaming everyone knew she couldnt get her off but they wanted to see her get hurt they shouldve stopped it as she started bleeding not after a beaten pulp lol Reply Report

SavageBull   0 points278 days ago

I enjoy jerking off to white people getting beat up it gets my dick so big an hard , Reply Report

Tami   0 points244 days ago

She should have pinned that blonds right arm under her own body just like she did to her left arm. Then she could have whales hard and fast on that girls nose and both eye till they were closed shut from the punch. Now that would have been great and taught her a lesson. Reply Report

sdsdsd -1 points2327 days ago

Go watch womens MMA and look up Cristiane Cyborg santos, this is garbage lol fucking joke Reply Report

Jandalz -1 points1872 days ago

Her first fight? Do you think she is going to do it again? Reply Report

imbatman -1 points1852 days ago

I don't know if anyone notice,but there was a guy in the background who was jacking off as this fight was continuing on. lol Reply Report

>.< -1 points1502 days ago

felony fights isn't fake haha you stupid prick Reply Report
Shitty fight

Shitty fight -1 points356 days ago

Only a girl would call this brutal. They fight like faggots. Reply Report

pooped -2 points2025 days ago

lol that lipstick lez tottaly started gigglinging in the middle of getting her ass kicked lolol wtf
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beaner -4 points1980 days ago

Shes so happy to be a hardcore loser "thats fucking my blood right there!" Ha least bitch dint hurt her brain in the fight Reply Report

Nocturnal -6 points1799 days ago

we only fight to become stronger to protect the misfourtunate, young, elderly, and ill. we fight with restaint, caution, and regard for our conrads well being. we train to take a beating by taking beatings, the train for real dangers through simulating such, and when the danger is real we are prepared with our hearts reinforcing our will to prevail victorious over all oppression even to the death of the oppressor if they chose not to fall. Still to those that will kneel healing we offer to them through family bonds and acceptance not of what they were not but what they have become. there is no other reason to fight! Reply Report

SaTaNsBatBoy -8 points1789 days ago

First of all you retards it IS staged, Second you can easily tell cuse that big giant butch bitch bull dyke SPIC turd man was barely SLAPPING that ugly little retarded jew tomboy dyke fool, third who gives a shit, as soon as you see a bimbo in a fake ass Ref uniform ya just KNOW it's fucking FAKE and will be as lame as this shit was! You guys really ARE pathetic LOSER queer cum guzzling faggits Reply Report
My ass

My ass +1 points1536 days ago

what and you aren't? hm prostitute please you shouldn't be the one talking! Reply Report

fuckstick -9 points1975 days ago

The fight believe it or not was staged. She didn't really hit her hard, but did hit her, and they used various speeds and dropped frames to make it look like she was hitting her. I have a friend who worked for that company and explained it all to me. Reply Report

Morons -10 points2007 days ago

That was not a fight moron! You were basically watching a beating. You are lucky the girl didn't die. You guys are fucking stupid. Don't call it a fucking fight!! Reply Report
Pretty sure

Pretty sure +2 points747 days ago

So... It was a fight? Reply Report