IED Takes Soldiers Face & Leg - Soldier Still Alive!

An Afghan soldier on patrol with the US army stepped on something a lot wosre than dog shit, I hope the poor guy made it.

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Jamie +13 points2215 days ago

you poor fucking soul, I hate seeing this. man getting injured so badly. and left there suffering. shit like this that makes me not want to join the army. that guy could have been a great soldier. he seemed like it. took all that shit like a fucking man. Leg blown off face mashed up and he didnt fucking cry or show any pain. in shock yes. but if this happened me I'd beg to be shot in the fucking head immediately. thats My only wish. If its bad. shoot me. clean. quick. Reply Report

WOW +10 points2120 days ago

That Medic is doing a GREAT job! Glad he's there!!! Reply Report

smellme +5 points1915 days ago

If someone is suffering like this, I say don't let them suffer. That man deserves euthanasia. We need to stop letting the four biggest banking families control the four biggest oil companies. Clean and free energy is possible, people have been killed for patenting devices utilizing free energy. Reply Report

Brave +1 points1786 days ago

Brave afghan soldier knows he's going to die fighting for his country to prevent outsiders invading afghanistan and taking over his family and have control. His mind is set on a mission and he's taking is pain like a MAN. Very Brave, hope he survived and knows he's no coward and will stand for his country... Reply Report

Dmndude   0 points1455 days ago

War ladies and gentleman! Take a good look and think before supporting your fucking leaders towards one! Fuck religion and fuck nationality and race and all the bullshit that separates us human beings from one another! Reply Report

Pigme4   0 points38 days ago

I think he has early stages of horrific gum disease. Reply Report

damn -2 points1987 days ago

would someone get him a fucking napkin for his face Reply Report