Japanese Reporter Fucks With African Tribe Leader

A Japanese reporter went to Burkina Faso to make a documentary of the tribe "Bongo", characterized by being the tribe with the world's largest penis. The reporter has to agree to have sex with the head of the tribe else they won't give her any interviews. She didn't really object against their policy and let this guy with his huge dick fuck her.

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pauluzzz +53 points2653 days ago

and now she has aids ;-P Reply Report

Microbiologist +14 points1989 days ago

Derp, HIV originated in cameroon, a zoonotic infection that crossed the species barrier as a result of the bushmeat trade. I think you may have gotten mixed up about the america origin because the virus was initially classified as HTLV when it was discovered in american blood donor samples. as for what moxxy says, she's somewhat right , HIV infections are on the decline thanks to efforts to educate and increase awareness but also due to a recent rise in mutant T cell antigen R5 which prevents further infection during the second phase of the infection but those people are still carriers. Reply Report

samson +2 points1527 days ago

Nice Japanese girl Reply Report

dazzler +1 points1789 days ago

I would give anything to fuck a Japanese girl Reply Report

hyu   0 points2653 days ago

100% fake
Reply Report

Nono -2 points1310 days ago

Nice bitch.

Now, she got AIDS, indeed… from apes to africans, from african to Japanese… it's the way it is…
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LOOOOOL -3 points2646 days ago

japanese reporter my ass... more like japanese porn marketeer. at least make something realistic imagination when u want to make ur own version of this porn vid cuz it's totally porn not documentary lol hahahaaa... Failed 99% Reply Report

surelikeyeah -3 points1512 days ago

It's porn, so of course it's fake. It ALL is, except a few of these airhead whores who agree to do it with their BF or for drugs. Jeeps! In the real world this girl's BF or hubby would shoot these guys (actors) dead & then her! C'mon guys, lighten up. It's fantasy. Treat it that way & there's no controversy. Reply Report

cleatus -3 points1180 days ago

Ya'll dont think them niggers were africans? Americaniggers are fat, these ones look like they have to eat their siblings and children Reply Report

marco -4 points2145 days ago

bullshit. Just a flavor of porn. No report making at all. scumbags Reply Report

español -6 points1989 days ago

los españoles somos lo peor del mundo, solo sabemos hacer comentarios sumamente estupidos mientras nos meten la polla hasta la raíz, y luego recurrimos al odio racial para pensar que nuestra estupidez es culpa de otros :) Reply Report
white people

white people -6 points1606 days ago

Aids started in americanbitches by white people Reply Report

moxxy -7 points1990 days ago

That's a very racist, idiotic and outdated comment! Africa is not about AIDS as you potray. Reply Report

Toad -7 points1917 days ago

Pauluzzz is a rascist twat. Stupid pathetic man Reply Report

Derp -15 points2077 days ago

Guys, aids started in america, it never reached africa, unless alot of americans come to africa to fuck tribesmen, but what my point is that just because they live in africa doesn't mean they have aids... Reply Report