Shot in the head

Shot by Mexican drug cartel.

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C0br4 +41 points2506 days ago

Why can't the mexican drug mafia not buy a HD camera with their billions Reply Report
mr X

mr X +7 points2431 days ago

Why can't the Mexican drug mafia not steal a HD camera for the next Film Reply Report

Oven-Lighter +6 points2117 days ago

Have you seen these guys work with a dull bladed machete? He was very lucky. Reply Report
I spit on killers

I spit on killers +3 points2496 days ago

i dont understand why this "mafia" exists on this planet. Just asamble all polce, start a war. 4-5 weeks, and they are vanished. Reply Report
To hihi

To hihi +2 points1960 days ago

Hihi that looks like a m1911 cal 45
Reply Report

aaaaaa +1 points2220 days ago

those bastards asked him about a million question before they shot him !!!! fucking animels Reply Report

Sup +1 points1972 days ago

He said he was a hitman (Sicario in spanish) Reply Report

hihi   0 points2026 days ago

Hey does anyone know what gun was used to blow this dudes blains off ? What gun n what caliber ?? Reply Report

romo   0 points1833 days ago

Ive seen worse ways to go Reply Report

Non-Member   0 points1826 days ago

That will teach him not to cum in the mullah's expresso instead of cream. What do you expect from a 10th century civilization that fuck goats and cook their food over camel dung while the "royal" family buys gold-plated Lamborghinis and drink alcohol and consort with blond trafficed teens in Dubai. Reply Report
Just Saying

Just Saying   0 points764 days ago

So he's a Mexican Muslim in the middle East huh? Reply Report

Ben   0 points1811 days ago

LOL he blew his mask off. aswell as half his brains out the other side of his head Reply Report
fahd islam

fahd islam   0 points1340 days ago

this gets me hard. Reply Report
i was there

i was there   0 points1423 days ago

I want to kill pople i love Blood runing on the strrets and Big bick up my Ass with a gnu or gun in your as ill shoot you Down Reply Report

horrible   0 points1212 days ago

Why can't you not use correct grammar? Why can't they buy HD cams? Why can't you get shot in the head? Reply Report

FAKE -4 points1857 days ago

That was fake.. look at the muzzle flash. Reply Report

Erukanu -8 points2505 days ago

thats the worst headshot fake ive ever seen Reply Report