Hunting Couple Have Sex On Dead Bear

Bizarre video where a hunting couple have sex the bear they just killed.

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scum +42 points2678 days ago

dirty trash Reply Report

Damn +23 points1672 days ago

Wow thats so evil....but so hot Reply Report

shittyfacefartslut +11 points2052 days ago

She should have gotten on top of the bear so that she would've been humping it with her clit while he fucked her. I bet that would've felt so good! mmmmm Reply Report

momoo +10 points1890 days ago

damn thas evil but hot at the same time Reply Report

memyself +9 points2678 days ago

You dickless freak! shagging a slapper on a creature that has more humanity as a beast than you two ugly shits Reply Report

bacchus +8 points2310 days ago

Pity the video wasn't better quality. Loved the idea of the girl getting wet after killing the bear. I would have loved to see her straddling and tribbing the bear for her pleasure.
Reply Report

sdaf +8 points2144 days ago

Well you can say what you want this is life in a nutshell... maybe in a bit too short timespan but we all do this. eventually. Reply Report
i'm a loser

i'm a loser +6 points1935 days ago

Should've cut it open and fucked inside it. More lubrication. Reply Report
nothing but disgusting trash...

nothing but disgusting trash... +6 points1705 days ago

Lets party by killing the red necks and fucking on their dead bodies to.. We all can take turns watching her die and fucking on her and the hillbilly fag can get it up the Hershey highway. Reply Report

DEADSOUL +6 points1468 days ago

DAMN I WISH I WAS THERE TO JOIN IN. Why do i alway miss the good partys Reply Report

John +5 points2679 days ago

dumb inbred red necks sickos Reply Report
fucking is always wlcome

fucking is always wlcome +4 points2145 days ago

though this vid is somewhat tasteless Reply Report
Larry the cable guy

Larry the cable guy +4 points1781 days ago

You know your a red neck when Reply Report

Wtfffgkx +4 points748 days ago

Where the fuck is the god-damned fucking sound while they are fucking??? Reply Report

Beaner +3 points2679 days ago

",poor,poor bear"???? Oh Fuck off you pathetic tree hugger.. Fucking ON a dead bear IS weird, but hunting them is not. They taste like Beef.. But I bet you have never been out of the fucking city, and probably think meat is made in grocery stores where no animals are harmed.. what a fucking loser! Reply Report

Inbread +3 points2633 days ago

This is the pride of the the USA dumb fucking idiots inbread and backward retard fuckers Reply Report

tiger +2 points2680 days ago

disgraceful behaviour, in this modern age, to do this, to wild animals, that struggle to exist, in an ever shrinking wilderness,poor,poor bear Reply Report

SteveDD   0 points221 days ago


Excuse me chigger, but you do know that the bear was killed way before they climbed on, and are you clued in to the fact that when you are dead, disgrace is the last thing on your brain?
Reply Report

Savorthemoment +2 points2214 days ago

Regardless of whether this was a bear, boar, buck buffalo, bubblefish or bumblebee, this kind of conduct exemplifies a very fucked up morbid state of human kind. I'm tempted to say that this is the kind of shit that demonstrates why America is doomed. However, it ain't just America. I don't think there is any place on the planet exempt from people who are fucked up enough to engage in this narcissistic sociopathic conduct. Seriously? People fucking on the carcass of a creature whose life they just exterminated? Look! I love kinky shit but this is fucking dark and hideous. This man and woman are in need of some serious spiritual decontamination and anyone who defends this kind of behaviour has some serious inner angst that needs healing. Bears, boars, bucks buffalos, bubblefish or bumblebees today; but what may it morph into tomorrow? Reply Report

Dan +14 points1763 days ago

Yet here you are on :) Reply Report

??? +2 points1901 days ago

well he gave 2 things a suprise Reply Report
lets fuck the dead witch

lets fuck the dead witch +2 points1705 days ago

lets string her up and burn her at the stake and fuck her dead body .... Fucking bitch and he is a phag to.... Reply Report

fjt6j +2 points688 days ago

I jerk to this every day so fucking HOT Reply Report

Buka +2 points409 days ago

How the hell did i become so twisted that i can get an erection from shit like that and worse?
Reply Report

CaptainStarBright +1 points1425 days ago

My phat ass Aunty grabed my cousins bird and shoved the whole rosella up her ass and walked in to my cousin and said do you like your cunt of a bird now by the way thay fogot that thay had the bird she showed us were the bird was we didn't care she made joke we laughed then she shit the bird out we said see how far you can throw it she throwed it over the fence she her guts outs Reply Report
Murdering Murderer

Murdering Murderer +1 points1120 days ago

Hope they ate the bear Reply Report

Fuku +1 points2 days ago

They must like stinky bear smell Reply Report

Hunter   0 points2022 days ago

Hey do some research befor you open you dumb hippy brain washed mouth. The bear population has been exploding due to hunters, ie our money we put tward environmental resource and Eco system stabilization. This also try with wolves, and mountian lion. Any way chicks who hunt are awsome! And she helped skin it too! Reply Report

cookiemonster +1 points369 days ago

@Hunter Still sick twisted fuckers for shagging on its corpse. For that they need hunting down strung up and shot at with crossbows dying a very slow painful death. Reply Report
Fuck the red necks

Fuck the red necks   0 points1705 days ago

the hillbilly fag can get it up the Hershey highway Reply Report
what ever

what ever   0 points1685 days ago

lol stupid Reply Report
Little white cock

Little white cock   0 points595 days ago

I wish I had a giant dock like that dude.

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Slit your throat and die

Slit your throat and die   0 points521 days ago

I hope you all die
Say what the fuck you want I'm never gonna read this comment again
Slit your throat
Reply Report

SteveDD   0 points221 days ago

@Slit your throat and die
What did you think of all the people who commented after you added your post?
Reply Report

vbgfgh   0 points389 days ago

lol Reply Report

ちんこ   0 points357 days ago

中だしちんぽ Reply Report

rocco -1 points2679 days ago

@ non-member Beaner. poor you... you have sexual problems. as the subject of the movie. surely you have a soft cock... good night Reply Report

moy -1 points2679 days ago

A rohadt kúrva anyátokat! Reply Report
animal lover only

animal lover only -1 points1874 days ago

lets just hope when this bitch dies screaming hopefully of CANCER this act comes flashing back to her and how they killed something beautiful and not the usual worthless scum in this fucked up world Reply Report

abcdef -1 points1872 days ago

i would love to lookon when this women dies one day spitting up blood i would dig this cunts eyes out Reply Report
hell yeah

hell yeah +5 points1705 days ago

Lmao ... well said ... Reply Report
mr fantastic

mr fantastic -1 points1679 days ago

lets face facts here being dumb is what americans do best Reply Report

Ermergerd -1 points1185 days ago

fuck, come hard, torrent of shame ermer-fuerkin-jersus we just had sex on a dead bear Reply Report

moy -2 points2679 days ago

Hogy szakadnátok meg abba a kidobott büdös repedt gennyes fasszopó élvezetbe, és rohadnátok el a mélybüdös elátkozott fasz imádó kúrva anyátokkal egyetemben! Dögőljetek meg úgy ahogy vagytok, buzik! Reply Report

needved -2 points2671 days ago

well you see here why we need some monster time to time to brutally kill human from time to time Reply Report

WTF -2 points2335 days ago

One time a bear fuck you Reply Report
tere ma ki gand jedhe tu dead bear kolo chudh gai

tere ma ki gand jedhe tu dead bear kolo chudh gai -2 points2228 days ago

Tere sister ki gand chodha tu dead bear te sex kardi a asi mar gaye tere ma hame chodh de ga Reply Report

Shit_world -2 points1737 days ago

WITCH Reply Report
good luck usa

good luck usa -2 points1425 days ago

wow Americas got talent, just another blind American bitch on heat Reply Report

PCCUS -2 points843 days ago

I didn´t know at USA it´s allowed shot down baby bears, I forget USA it´s a criminal nation, it´s time of decadence, like Rome in the past, it´s time to die USA, near its the victory of red army. Reply Report

SteveDD   0 points221 days ago


Not a baby bear optically challenged person!
And apparently the biggest crime in America is the lack of teaching good grammar wherever you went to school!
Reply Report

Zozo -3 points2679 days ago

@ Non-Member Beaner - Better to be a tree hugger than a low life knife flipping stupid red neck like you, douchebag. You kill a bear because you have to not in order to have sex on it. Look at the big picture before you pull the trigger, dumbass. Reply Report

rockatanski -4 points2118 days ago

HIJO DE PUTAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Reply Report
Hate nexicans

Hate nexicans +2 points1546 days ago

I want to kill you then fuck over your body mexican faggot Reply Report
white people

white people -5 points1386 days ago

Proof right there white people are sick and cruel hellbound savages Reply Report