Cutting emo bitch

Attention whore drawing a little blood.

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Person. +21 points2283 days ago

You know what pisses ME off? Is people who judge people's motives when they don't understand the indivitual's situation. It's what SICKENS me about human nature- we turn our backs on things we don't accept or understand, probably even me at times. So I'm not preaching. For a start I don't think I can spell that word.

I have self harmed for a long time, it's a form of RELEASE. It's not suicide threat, it's not for attention, although some seek attention as a way of asking help because, let's face it, who walks into a&e and holds your wrist up proudly and announces what they've done?? I have been diagnosed with a psycological illness that is related to my self harming. But equally I live a healthy and fulfilling life.

I don't know why this was posted, and I guess I never will. But to all those judgemental mockers out there... Sit down in your narrow minded corner and jerk off to your own reflection or something equally vain. Got it? Delightful. :)
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Ok +2 points1794 days ago

You tell em Macklemore! Reply Report

alexandria76 +4 points2278 days ago

so. fucking. hott. I came sooo hard to this. MOREEE !!! Reply Report

CyberSickness +4 points2203 days ago

i love girls that cut themselves Reply Report

gero +2 points2716 days ago

i wish she do that with my arm <3 Reply Report

ForWeAreMany +2 points2362 days ago

The jerk offs commenting here are just jealous of your awesomeness!! What I'm wondering is though, how did this video end up on a porn site? I watched the whole thing and liked it. I know, I'm messed up... What else can I say!? >;D Reply Report

HunterOfPrimitive +1 points2714 days ago

Obi, it may be attention for some but you'll find most don't tell people and hide the cuts, this is an odd vid but some places this is the culture kids are fed like fashion, most kids aren't even raised right anyway, either beaten or molly coddled and most usual is parents acting as puppet masters, treating a kid like a puppet and not a living being will always return in the form of rebellion at some point. Rebellion being the natural defence we all acquire in some form all dependent on how we are raised overall, i.e, more primitive parents will generally have a more rebellious child, the huge tantrums you see in the supermarket, they aren't for no reason I can assure you. Many label it oppression and it is more common than aids and cancer put together. (NOTE: There are the odd exception, kids born with brain or body problems that cause bad reactions but thats very rare too). Lets work on the future, and start taking responsibility for our kids, afterall no child gets the option to be here, they are here by our (adults) actions alone, therefore our responsibility to look after, or just get surgery to snip the egg or sperm making organs, easy and cheap to do or learn to pull out before the big squirt, either way more self control is needed NOT control of others. Reply Report

piet +1 points2279 days ago

poor girl Reply Report

extremeplay666 +1 points1840 days ago

I totally love it! Reply Report

TheDutchman   0 points312 days ago

Burzum Reply Report
Obi QUaN is a twat lol

Obi QUaN is a twat lol -1 points2715 days ago

Obi QUaN is a twat lol Obi QUaN is a twat lol Obi QUaN is a twat lol Obi QUaN is a twat lol Obi QUaN is a twat lol Obi QUaN is a twat lol Obi QUaN is a twat lol Obi QUaN is a twat lol Reply Report

pauluzzz -7 points2716 days ago

love to see those emos bleeding Reply Report

Anon -8 points2592 days ago

She looks fucking fat Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan -11 points2717 days ago

... " ooo, look at me, look at me... I need attention... somebody notice me..."
Desperates for attention only piss me off - I"ve got more respect for people that blow their heads off. Cutters both bore & annoy me... just get it over with - you're right... nobody loves you.
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