Girl Calls Cheating Boyfriend While Sucking Another Guy

Now that's a hell of way to break up with a guy. She calls him up while she's sucking some other dude's cock. Ain't that sweet?!

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Unknown88 +18 points2338 days ago

I don't really get it. If she was mad about him cheating on her. She ain't no better, to be honest. But, then again, I'll never understand this type of stuff. Reply Report
captain obvious

captain obvious +8 points1635 days ago

fake Reply Report
Sorry ass generation

Sorry ass generation +6 points1584 days ago

See this is what relationships have become nowadays--complete infidelity; can't trust a person. This sorry ass generation is more immoral than ever and it's only gonna get's fucking sad when there are sites like Ashley Madison that facilitate infidelity like this.

It's just too much for people to act like human beings instead of animals. Can't talk out a problem or try to resolve it...nope. Instead people prefer to be completely disgusting and weak..and pull this shit. If you're not happy in a relationship, GET OUT OF IT. Don't fucking do shit like this.
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lol +4 points2298 days ago

its faked....just another wanabe the other boy is in the next room...but funny Reply Report

Anonymous +4 points2337 days ago

She's a popular porn actor, fake video. Reply Report

DMD +3 points2233 days ago

I seen this chick on revenge -gf, not real, funny but not real Reply Report

penis +3 points2187 days ago

Is that movie from PornPros? Does somebody have the actual name of the movie?? Reply Report
If that aint fake

If that aint fake +2 points2334 days ago

Iam a rapist Reply Report

stupid +2 points1206 days ago

see thats why you can't trust girls now thats you never no what would they do behind your back girls always say im heading to the store or to work or there friend house they could be comming over there to suck some cock can't never trust these girls now and days Reply Report

stupid +2 points1206 days ago

cant never trust girls if they leave you gonna be thinking is she gonna cheat on me while shes out then she comes home all late and you just wondering whats shes doing then its gonna make wanna asl question bad but you just gonna wait and catch her red handed and see what shes doing you catch her ccheating forgive her and get pay back and fuck a girl when she gets home and then hope she see's You fucking another girl and tell her a reason why you did it Reply Report
Carlko Gambino

Carlko Gambino +1 points2338 days ago

potent pervert

potent pervert +1 points1165 days ago

Gives bad head little sucking mostly hand jobbing probably has yeast infection Reply Report

Misoginist +1 points733 days ago

God this would suck beyond belief to have this done. Just knowing some other horny guy is gonna pump his sperm in your girls mouth would make me go nuts. This is why all women need tortured and raped. Half you idiots out there have already had this done to you and you don't know it. Reply Report

morte   0 points2339 days ago

Really good cuckold/humiliation vid. Although i doubt its real. Reply Report

thus   0 points2337 days ago

thus must be fake Reply Report

hmm   0 points2336 days ago

I wouda cut her head off. Reply Report

biglolz   0 points2299 days ago

now thats just fukin hilarious Reply Report

AssHole   0 points1450 days ago

Hahahahaha!!!! I've dealt with this kinda shit before but the best way of handling that shit is obviously one be a man and whoop your now ex best friends ass because now he's your new enemy 2 fuck all the guy codes bitch wanna play games Rick James the fuck out that ho for pissing you off ;) 3 don't stop now ;) fukk her mom or sisters shit even a cousins is ight!! If there not willing rape em!!! Dgaf about nobody but yourself and to the men who don't do shit to bitch ass sluts that wanna play games just makes you more bitch than a bitch!!! To the lady's saying that assholes not a man ladies under a punk bitch aint no lady's and hate me or love me but that girl would of ended up dead if he had the cock and balls to do something about all that betrayal games Reply Report

Kiddo   0 points769 days ago

I hope he fucked that dude up. And then tore her jaw off.. if I was him, I would've called the cops to go to the apartment as fast as I can. Before they leave Reply Report

anon -1 points2337 days ago

what is this from? cant be real. Reply Report
Dont act surprised

Dont act surprised -1 points1686 days ago

This is normal human behavior ... Reply Report
Lucky chick

Lucky chick -4 points2337 days ago

GF 1 - Poor guy 0

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