Cat Has Epileptic Attack

Poor little cat has an epileptic attack for a few minutes.

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Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky +17 points2603 days ago

Poor little guy - good owners. Reply Report

floydfreak +7 points2569 days ago

Way cool at 3:14. "Ya alright, bro?" Reply Report

alves +4 points2604 days ago

What is it?

Epilepsy is an excessive discharge of electrical energy in brain cells, because they work with electrical impulses. Epilepsy manifests itself when the animal is between 6 months and 5 years of age, ranging from animal to animal in frequency and intensity. It is relatively common in dogs and cats much less frequent, appearing suddenly.
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:( +3 points2604 days ago

time to go to vet .. Reply Report

tiger +3 points2602 days ago

@non-member wtf you didnt watch the video did you? the owners were BOTH desperately trying to help the cat without getting clawed, bitten. they did well Reply Report

MM +1 points1904 days ago

Awl, such good Owners. Reply Report

SomeoneWhoCares   0 points2593 days ago

Personally i HATE cats but this is sad . I feel bad for the little guy . Reply Report

Boomer   0 points2028 days ago

Walks it off like a "BOSS" Reply Report
The Man

The Man   0 points1549 days ago

Gangnam style Reply Report

snowio   0 points488 days ago

repel in the name of yisus satan Reply Report

hoyrat -1 points2188 days ago

what about post ictal period? Reply Report

Nathan -1 points2145 days ago

Stop saying "TAKE IT TO THE VET, ITS ILL" It was born with it, and during the seizure has no clue whats happening. Once it awakes, it gets on with its life, simply thinking it has slept, it does not damage the cat, its just a state of which its brain developes when electrical energy is discharged into brain cells. Stop complaining, i'm a vet. Reply Report

Ace -1 points2075 days ago

Nathan, are you sure you're a vet? I ask because you said it does not damage the cat. While it's true that the seizure itself does no damage, the thrashing and chewing that comes with it certainly CAN injure the cat, and I should think a vet would consider that. Reply Report

..... -1 points1885 days ago

o_o Reply Report
poor puddy tat

poor puddy tat -1 points1783 days ago

normally im a nasty cunt who'd say stomp it to death, but i feel for the poor little buggar Reply Report

midnightfapper -2 points2591 days ago

my favourite part was when the cat was going apeshit on the floor. Reply Report

imbatman -2 points1858 days ago

Time to take this fluffy gatz to the humane society, we don't want a sickie gatz Reply Report

talisman -2 points1501 days ago

time for the vet and put it on meds..if all else fails best to put it out of its suffering. Reply Report

Matty -1 points1349 days ago

Dude it's epilepsy not aids, shut the fuck up idiot Reply Report

wtf -3 points2604 days ago

Can cats really have epileptic fits? Sure the owners didn't do something idiotic? What breed of cat is it? Reply Report

OMGwtfbbq -3 points2600 days ago

Poor cat, but i gotta say it looks like the exorcist. Reply Report

yep -4 points2588 days ago

thought he was dancing salsa Reply Report

littlelady -9 points2574 days ago

wtf your cat is having a seizure on the floor and you whip out the camera for three minutes? don't you think it's time for the vet now? poor little kitty. Reply Report
wtf ppl

wtf ppl -11 points2273 days ago

wow r u fucking serious!! that cat is fucking verry sick and need to be put out of his misery!!! seriosly get a life n take ur catto the vet!! ASAP!!
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  0 points411 days ago

Dumbass, if a god damn child has epilepsy do we just say, "Well, fuck it. Put a bullet in its head." No. We do not. This is epilepsy, not osteoporosis. Reply Report