Girl ran over by 18wheeler

Poor girl got her lower body totally flattened by 18wheeler.

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A guy

A guy +10 points2867 days ago

It sickens me that the first thing people do is take pictures of this... Reply Report

Really +3 points2004 days ago

Omg what the fuck is wrong with people I think humans are complete heartless bastards Reply Report

alison +1 points2381 days ago

taking pictures thats sick
Reply Report

imbatman +1 points2061 days ago

Its sad how far down the path today's society has become, instead of doing something useful or call the police or do something right, they all decide to get there cellphones out and take pictures of this person who has died. sometimes i regret the invention of cellphones, where is the love of the people at? Reply Report
Not Batman

Not Batman   0 points1518 days ago

Yes. Calling the police would have solved everything. Because they bring people back to life after getting flattened by a truck. Go back to your cave. Reply Report

skram +1 points2210 days ago

Necrophelia Reply Report

RAGE   0 points2004 days ago

I bet you these cunts are Slovakians I bet you they are those fucking dickheads have no boundaries what so ever they should all fucking die Reply Report

Yep +1 points2004 days ago

I agree with you ignore your rating but I agree they are cunts some of them are in my school and I hate all of them Reply Report
Fahd islam

Fahd islam   0 points1818 days ago

NO URLS ALLOWED WTF!! I am not putting any URL in my fucking comment you stupid fucking site! Reply Report
beyond death

beyond death   0 points1244 days ago

people are robots who take pictures Reply Report
Troy T.

Troy T. -1 points2459 days ago

Poor girl. May you go to heaven n dont born again as a human being. Reply Report

AustinPowers -2 points2603 days ago

and ..... there is the handy :D Reply Report
non member

non member -2 points2243 days ago

Looks like enough there to rape.. someone get on that!... at least a tit fuck deep throat fuck for christ sake! Reply Report

SaTaNsBatBoy -2 points2273 days ago

Not sure what she was, other than being pretty retarded and ignorant towards traffic, but obviously she was either a very fucking dumb 3rd world retarded sand nigger or gook or pineapple or spic, Which just goes to show that white girls ain't dumb enough to walk under a truck like an asshole minority turd bitch! Walking in front of a truck that was probably driven by some retarded camel jockey fag and ya get ya ass smushed the fuck up like a pile of Humus! HAHAHAHAHA-HA! Reply Report