Balls Cut Off

I went in to have my appendix removed and left without my balls!!!!!!!!

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lobby for castration

lobby for castration +124 points2045 days ago

Castration needs to become an elective surgery for males without any questions or medical letters. This is the proper way to remove the balls, surgical castration. We need more doctors who are willing to perform the surgery for straight genetic males without the hassle. I think if more individuals push for castration is can become a option in the future. Its proven that you can extend a mans life if he is castrated. Reply Report

xgrimm13x -3 points602 days ago

Anyone want to cut mine inbox me Reply Report

sparalesto   0 points1452 days ago

i want cut off my balls Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points1 day ago

@ I can cut them off and we can eat them. Reply Report

nojunkmail +2 points1455 days ago

thanks all ready done and so very happy this way and wish it was performed with out all the crap , all for castration if wanted Reply Report

Biggogsie +1 points1565 days ago

Hello still needing to get my testicals surgically removed
i am aware its a hot topic at the moment this is not why i am asking for your help this is a operation i have been looking in to getting for years
wait for your reply
Reply Report
dr LjJ if you    rely do not need balls I can help

dr LjJ if you rely do not need balls I can help   0 points175 days ago

@Biggogsie Reply Report

lliiilliiilliiill +3 points838 days ago

Lobby for Castration

Lobby for Castration +50 points1724 days ago

Everyone who replied, consider yourself signed up for a free castration. Reply Report
Lady K

Lady K   0 points178 days ago

@Lobby for Castration , Hello, Im a Domint Female that recently watched this video..I have a collared male slave, that is currently in chasitiy..He is under current contract as my slave, I do I sign him up for this procedure, and what is the cost? Thank You, Lady K Reply Report

xgrimm13x -1 points735 days ago

I want the cock removed please i dont want it anymore Reply Report

bighuggs +45 points1717 days ago

Wish those were my balls coming off. Reply Report

notgayrealyyyyyy +33 points2221 days ago

i want cut my Testicular bags out too by myself and eat them in a video i will not die if i make it properly but i m not sure : ( ....what do you think?? Reply Report

thomas +33 points2187 days ago

when i watch that video i wanna castrated right now, that is sooooo damn cool Reply Report

Non-Member +32 points1874 days ago

when i saw that video was omg yes i want that done to me ! i think if a guy wants his nuts removed he should get them removed no matter what ! Reply Report

mmm +31 points2599 days ago

No more making baby batter for him! Reply Report

Bighuggs +13 points1620 days ago

That is really funny (No more baby batter)...
If I didn't have my balls I wouldn't have any baby batter either...
I'd only have a limpy hanging down between my legs like a clitty.
It's to bad us guys that don't want or need are balls couldn't have a burdzzio
Reply Report

thomas +27 points2221 days ago

Damn that is a video. That really big balls cutted out. I wish that was my castration. Reply Report

UFO +27 points2083 days ago

The man haves no balls. Reply Report
It is clear liquid time!

It is clear liquid time! +19 points2425 days ago

There is no going back for him now. His breeding days are over! Say bye bye thick white cum, say hello runny clear liquid. Reply Report

Biggogsie -3 points1565 days ago

Hello to the person whos tag line is"it is Clear Liquid Time
Do you know a safe surgeon who does the operation to remove testicals allowing a man to spunk out clear cum liquid please get back to me thanks
Reply Report

gerslave +18 points2484 days ago

Really justified for such big balls. My balls also needed this treatment - they are so useless Reply Report
ear rings

ear rings +9 points1541 days ago

Just think if I could have my balls cut out of my sac and dry them and turn them into ear rings and wear them from my ears instead of between my legs...(How cool would that be) Reply Report

CallMeCaleb +8 points1476 days ago

I want to eat them balls! Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points1 day ago

@CallMeCaleb you can eat mine we can eat each others if you like.if u wanna see a pic of my nuts text me at(479) 755-8259.If I'm horny I might remove the skin and show you what's underneath and extract those testicles and maybe chop them up and eat them on camera.My phone number is also for anyone else who sees it wants to see my scrotim get dissected and see them cute little nuts get cut open. Reply Report

zipfel -9 points1473 days ago

Are you sure you want to eat human testicles? Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points1 day ago

@ I'd love to.I wanna chew some boy nuts up and swallow them. Reply Report

harimau +7 points1202 days ago

Indeed, it shoulc become a routine surgery and be done without ay further questions as the male himself askes for it. Reply Report

castr8fun +6 points1332 days ago

I so love watching these castration videos. I am definitely having mine removed. Has been a definate plan now for many years. One at a time so I can experience it twice. Just have to find the money to afford a trip. Reply Report

mario -1 points1164 days ago

A donde tengo que viajar para castrarme Reply Report

Ammuk +5 points1165 days ago

Would agree 100% would like to get my balls removed, no questions. Reply Report

Scrote +2 points1602 days ago

No Nurse! I said 'remove his spectacles' Reply Report

Sudso +2 points249 days ago

Judging by the ratings ,number of views, and comments there are a lot of people who want men to be castrated.

If it were legal, I get my balls removed.
Reply Report

neuteredpuppy69 +1 points2481 days ago

I still miss them some days. I also miss squirting white cum the clear fluid is a bit depressing
Reply Report

fratom +1 points1390 days ago

yes, tidy and neat and seeing the balls in the surgeon hands makes my balls very precious to me but I think it should be an option for men who want it. It is such a neat surgery cutting off my manhood would be a different ball game Reply Report

X +4 points1385 days ago

With hormone replacement therapy, sexi after castration is still possible. So in that regard having your balls removed isn't that big of a deal, provided you can get HRT. That said, I doubt men with no balls will be a common thing.As amusing as a it would be if balls were seen as 'optional'I might consider
it, if it were available.
Reply Report

sirropenchain +1 points680 days ago

I would love to be castrated and have two 2" stainless steel ball bearings implanted instead so I can remain chastised on my way to change from m to f Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points1 day ago

@sirropenchain I can chop your nuts off if you will let me eat them.ill let you chop my nuts off too and let you eat them we could even eat one of each others nuts to see if they taste different Reply Report

sergio +1 points95 days ago

find ich gut, sehr gut SB Reply Report
sub sissy boy

sub sissy boy   0 points898 days ago

wish that was me Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points1 day ago

@sub sissy boy it could be if you want Reply Report

Callmeanything   0 points614 days ago

Interesting Reply Report

maidangel   0 points788 days ago

I once read that in the 19th century there were some indian caliphs and rajas who were fighting the British and sometimes they would capture cabin boys or drummer boys and then they would castrate them and train them as Nautch Dancing Girls putting them in pretty dresses and bangles etc. They probably did not make very good dancers despite the use of the whip by their trainers but it would be amusing for the guests to see white boys treated in this way Reply Report
cock and ball-less

cock and ball-less   0 points144 days ago

mine was force to removed, and not only that and the cutter remove my entire penis down from the root now there is nothing left between my leg... Reply Report
An danh

An danh   0 points106 days ago

Em thích thiết chàng trai em yêu để anh khỏi đi với con khác. Dái ảnh to lắm, nhiều sinh lực nên con nào cũng mê Reply Report

kevin75 -2 points111 days ago

Will pull down panties and hop on up to the table. Reach in and pull them way out and cut them off high up inside me Reply Report

Bumsig112 -3 points2158 days ago

Wow, das ist cool. Ich wünschte ich würde meine Hoden auch endlich abgeschnitten bekommen, aber das ist leider sehr schwierig jemanden zu finden der das fachgerecht durchführt. Reply Report

Hmm -8 points1620 days ago

This guy has the balls to get this done Lol no pun intended! ....but if u can't jerk off afterwards..what's the point Reply Report

Vacum +12 points1606 days ago

You can always stick it in a vacuum cleaner and cum and without your balls you don't have to worry about your nuts getting sucked in.
A vacuum cleaner doesn't give up until you are totally sucked off either.
Reply Report

balless +11 points1617 days ago

I can still jerk off and cum but now its a clear liquid Reply Report

zipfel -6 points1617 days ago

Why did you lose your balls? Reply Report

Balless +3 points1614 days ago

It was supposed to be a training video for students about incisions and exploring the scrotum but the doctor doing the surgery assumed it was complete removal Reply Report

zipfel -1 points1611 days ago

ouch! That hurts!
You have this idiot hopefully sued?
Reply Report

Balless -1 points1608 days ago

Tried to but in mexico the laws are vague at best in situations like this and because i was a paid volunteer that made things even more complicated i wasv24 at the time and ne Reply Report

Balless   0 points1608 days ago

Needed money to pay bills they gave me 3 Grand for my trouble and the court ordered them to pay my legal bills and another 5 grand no shutting down the clinic ir anyone losing their licences in a way its better for me now i am much calmer than i ever was with them and i dont think about sex at all i can still get hard and uerk off but its semi hard and its just a clear liquid that comes out my penis has shrunken from 10 inches to 4 inches Reply Report

zipfel +1 points1608 days ago

At age 24, losing his ball is hard! and just for a bit of money!
You had a 10 inch long cock?
I would have liked to have seen stiff!
Reply Report

Balless -1 points1603 days ago

Well its getting removed in a couple weeks so i wont have to worry about lol
Reply Report

zipfel   0 points1601 days ago

Why ? Reply Report

Balless   0 points1601 days ago

Keep getting recurring urinary infections and urethra keeps closing up have to keep having surgery to reopen it Reply Report

zipfel -1 points1600 days ago

you poor guy! You also have no saved! Reply Report

cock -10 points2577 days ago

now you need to have your penis off two Reply Report

sex -10 points2263 days ago

Worst Nut Shot Ever. Reply Report

ryyusfs -12 points2263 days ago

Worst nutshot ever. Reply Report
Going, going gone!

Going, going gone! -14 points2596 days ago

Such a shame! They WERE a nice pair big balls. Reply Report

ron -15 points2271 days ago

it was a horse Reply Report

imax -18 points2090 days ago

cant watch that anymore, I dont want to live without my nuts Reply Report

sickfucks -29 points1992 days ago

what kinds of sick fucks do this UNLESS cancer is forcing the removal of them? you pussified, feminized feminist fags Reply Report