Women Protesters Gunned Down

Ivory Coast. Women were taking part in one of a number of all-women marches the past week.

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pitters +3 points2096 days ago

not nice!! Reply Report
non member

non member +3 points1880 days ago

They are still warm ...someone get in their and nut those bitches up.. not like they are gonna get pregnant dont wrap it just jamn it in go ass to pussy then knock her dead ass up with some nut haha Reply Report

Oven-Lighter +1 points2113 days ago

........and they still continue to protest........fucking idiots. Get the fuck out of there???? Duh? Reply Report
Nigga hunter

Nigga hunter +1 points1729 days ago

I now a few black cows in America that deserve that. Reply Report
hicks are inbred

hicks are inbred +2 points1680 days ago

I can only assume your dad and mom were brother and sister and they spawned your disgusting life into this world u ignorant hick back to the trailer park with you I say
Reply Report

mike   0 points1416 days ago

no he doesn't copy the trash you are Reply Report
Roughcut Red

Roughcut Red +1 points729 days ago

Savages shooting savages what's wrong with that? Reply Report

5pawsakademy   0 points1991 days ago

That's what happens if you demonstrate against a Military,Junta, the days off bwani nare long gone the day off the republic long gone too... Reply Report

Terri   0 points1885 days ago

And they call themselfs superior--damn stupid --look how they act. Reply Report

jiu   0 points1781 days ago

rule number 1 obtain a permit for assembly Reply Report

bill   0 points1416 days ago

your government is scum of earth Reply Report

alley44   0 points572 days ago

This could happen in America now Reply Report