Man crushed in his car is still alive

Man crushed inside his car is still alive an praying to Allah.

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Kade +3 points2551 days ago

Now, there's a case of "please finish me". Not much you could do to help him, but they don't even bother to comfort the guy while they filmed him bleeding out.
I've comforted a cat that was run over and dying before now, so a fellow human being shouldn't be a problem.
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pauluzzz +1 points2948 days ago

why doesnt anybody try to do something... bunch of assholes Reply Report

angel +1 points1928 days ago

people more interested in filming him than getting help the world is a sick place Reply Report

mj +1 points2849 days ago

He's making fun of that's why. Reply Report

l   0 points2947 days ago

why do u capitalize allah? Reply Report

angel   0 points1928 days ago

its irrelevant what religion he is its a life being allowed to suffer its sick should help not stay filming Reply Report

Empathy   0 points2027 days ago

You sick cock suckers have become so desensitized to violence, that seeing a man nearly severed in two yields no emotion. Sure happy you brought your cam that day to just happen to catch the last few breaths of a dying man. You sick terrorist, rag head bastards. If I had a hand grenade, I'd have tossed it in the middle of the onlookers just to get a good slo-mo shot of your body parts dispersing concentrically; arms, legs, heads still wearing rags ..... the whole sha-bang! BOOM! ...... bye, bye. No virgins either, just a devil to fuck your asses as you burn in Hell !!!! Reply Report

divertente   0 points177 days ago

segui la luce cazzo Reply Report