Girl Walks with Cum Face on the City Streets

Hot Babe facialed in shopping center , then walks with cum face on the streets

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Jefferey +4 points1962 days ago

Its legal to walk around Michigan with cum on your face my gf said her ex use to make her do it in McDonalds Walmart etc. Reply Report

bonnie +5 points1578 days ago

i'm from Michigan and i walked in the mall with cum on my face and you know no one really looked at my face maybe i should go in the mens deparment Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member +4 points1772 days ago

Who beeps out cuss words in a porn video? Reply Report

dennis +2 points1854 days ago

my boy friend wont let me go anywhere with out a face full of cum Reply Report

gothcumslut +2 points922 days ago

She should've kept her mouth closed so it all went on her face and then not smeared it around that way there would be more on her face and its be much more visible. She also walked too fast afterwards. Disappointing. Reply Report

gothcumslut   0 points922 days ago

She also needs to learn how to suck cock. Reply Report
non member:(

non member:(   0 points2389 days ago

damn! wish i saw tits or ass Reply Report

Alex   0 points1976 days ago

That must be California. Reply Report

L   0 points1934 days ago

Thats German Reply Report

jriebe1952   0 points771 days ago

I love it when a woman wants to show everyone how beautiful she is Reply Report

Scheisse -1 points2388 days ago

Scheisse Reply Report

rapeisgood -1 points2231 days ago

Booooring Reply Report
Booored... by this stoopid vid!

Booored... by this stoopid vid! -3 points2547 days ago

I think the name says it all! Reply Report
non member

non member -3 points2184 days ago

My Puerto rican bitch aint allowed in public without cum on her face and tits and if she even thinks about wiping it off bitch gets knocked out.. she knows her place and who owns her just like this bitch Reply Report

PIT@   0 points40 days ago

@non member wow your so brave...dickhead! Reply Report