Teacher Rapes Students During Class

Teacher has had it with these annoying girls and decides to punish them.

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Anon +72 points2005 days ago

Well what wold you expect from a site like this? Reply Report

name +18 points1569 days ago

Was I the only one waiting for another student to pick up a desk and knock the guys out? Reply Report

17yroldvirgin +17 points1247 days ago

Honestly this turns me on a ridiculous and yes it's fake but that just makes it easier to enjoy as a girl Reply Report

jimbim   0 points31 days ago

@17yroldvirgin firs time did to me to Reply Report

Non-member +12 points1866 days ago

i would love to get raped like that... Reply Report
Non of you business

Non of you business   0 points164 days ago

Same here Reply Report

FYI +9 points1521 days ago

This fake. Ways you can tell; first off it's censored, the guys are all identifiable meaning no mask (except camera man), camera man angled his shots and clips we're cut which means it's been edited, in the classroom every single girl was hella cute( which if you've ever been to japan never happens) in this day and age everyone has a cell phone, classrooms are right next to each other ( other people will hear and probably get help (no school has only 1 classroom...) the rape genre is huge in japan. Not to change the fact that it's fucked up and wrong. But just keep these things in mind Reply Report

rapeprincess +1 points88 days ago

no shit Reply Report
Non of you business

Non of you business   0 points145 days ago

You just ruined it for me Reply Report

dont:rape90 +7 points1838 days ago

WTF Reply Report

ellet +6 points2324 days ago

holy crap, man
Reply Report

Stifler +6 points2151 days ago

What did they do to deserve that? Reply Report
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift   0 points2 days ago

I Know Right Reply Report
Normal Guy

Normal Guy +2 points704 days ago

Nothing... That's the beauty of this Reply Report

Hobeah +6 points1993 days ago

This is just stage. They make it look real to you. The fire arm law in japan is very . If they have gun then it will be a serious crime. If this is real then why censored the sex and not sencored the face Reply Report

siraruther +6 points1983 days ago

this not real is fake but looks real, must of paid them alot good acting and all look like there 18 to 21 Reply Report

naughty +4 points1887 days ago

A turn on Video. Reply Report

Lesbiangirl +4 points1670 days ago

This is so fucking hot
I wish I were her
Reply Report
Old man Jenkins

Old man Jenkins +4 points1626 days ago

@that11yearold- WTF r u doing here O.O I hope ur just Trolling around... Kids these days... When I was ur age I never heard of porn before and I used to farm with my parents and sell apples at 5 cents a pound. Reply Report

12_Girl +4 points1428 days ago

Ughhhhhhh! I orgasmed twice...You guys are lucky thst your brothers fuck you, I need a sex buddy Reply Report

Crazy +3 points1899 days ago

That is crazy I hope it wasn't real because that's really mad. Couldn't even watch it! Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points1860 days ago

also, if this would be real, why is noone hearing the cries of the girls? Reply Report

anon +3 points1471 days ago

I mean I'm seventeen and I got into porn in sixth grade I think? So I was an eleven year old girl #joys of internet Reply Report
Mr Horny

Mr Horny +2 points1635 days ago

It makes me feel horny bwahah. Gud vid! Reply Report

FAKE +1 points1506 days ago

no no no no this is
not real at all !!!!!!!
Reply Report

manatee +1 points1118 days ago

i luv this/did you notice the girls went right on eating their lunch/great acting/and that rubber knife/at least they dont blurr the bumhole/i love that stained skin/when that cum dripped down over her bumhole my cock got rock hard and i got some great pre cum/only pussy sex?love when he kissed her/she made mistake of putting her tongue out/no girl who wasnt enjoying luving being fucked would do that/hot Reply Report
11 year old boy

11 year old boy +1 points672 days ago

I would love to be raped it would be amazing Reply Report
Definate Fake

Definate Fake   0 points1879 days ago

This is definately fake.. if it were real the other girls would probably be cowering or crying Reply Report
Wow @stifler

Wow @stifler   0 points1446 days ago

This is so fake you should know that like why would a camera man not help this situation? Proof it's fake
Reply Report
Lima Hotel

Lima Hotel   0 points702 days ago

This shit is fuck
Reply Report

real1   0 points615 days ago

all Asian porn is censored.....and aint no way in hell they all teachers 1 of the girls tht the dude is basically restraining look like the teacher....if it was real then thts just a gang of dudes raping them....but tht fed said its labeled fake and they all grown and was willing to participate....so its just entertainment Reply Report
I will turn u on

I will turn u on   0 points313 days ago

The teacher has a small dick Reply Report

0.o -1 points2012 days ago

Who the fuck posts something like this!?
Reply Report

Non-Memeber -1 points2010 days ago

No one deserves this, what really could they have done ? Reply Report

jatt -1 points1910 days ago

i want to reply to yes
if the girls deserved to rape then your moher and sister also deserves rape and five dicks in one hole think about hat ah ah ah ah ah ah
Reply Report

Melissa -1 points1570 days ago

The other girls are just sitting there eating while one girl has to suck a small limp hairy cock and the other gets threatened to have her face sliced open :/ Reply Report

jordan -1 points1657 days ago

lol fucked up school Reply Report

Lesbiangirl -1 points1670 days ago

This is fucking hot Reply Report

slick -1 points1604 days ago

Anon u said what we expect?? I expect " childhood destroyed" with them screaming like that Reply Report

Dufuq -1 points1397 days ago

Wat did u just watch?!?! Reply Report

Dufuq -1 points1397 days ago

What did I just watch?!?! Reply Report
18 horny gal

18 horny gal -1 points1314 days ago

I got more turned on by the comments than the video ;) Reply Report
FBI Sex & Rape crimes Division

FBI Sex & Rape crimes Division -1 points1154 days ago

I would like to state that this Pornographic video no matter how disgusting, has a certificate stating that all of the actors participated out of their own free will. Reply Report

Forever -2 points1733 days ago

Its real. This is a one room school, and if the girls even moved they probably would have also been raped. Reply Report

Wtf.? -2 points1719 days ago

Why.? Reply Report

nick -2 points1645 days ago

Reply Report

tra_guy -2 points1631 days ago

japanese is stupid -_-
Reply Report

wtfdotcom, -2 points1440 days ago

if it comes from Japan, then it has to be partially fukt up Reply Report

mike -2 points1304 days ago

fake but hey why would he film it to if was real or not cover his face Reply Report

Asians.. -2 points1285 days ago

They sounds like animals.. xD Reply Report

discusted -2 points1275 days ago

i hope you burn for posting that Reply Report
Anonymous gal

Anonymous gal -3 points1727 days ago

This looks a lot like organized crime. With the jap government all hush hush and shit with their news and stuff, I'm not surprised there is hardly to no news of crimes like this coming from Japan. Those dudes look like they just busted in to an all girls school and decided to get some street creed by raping a bunch of girls and their teacher, filmed it for proof and at the same time get some money outta it by turning it into porn. Those tears and crying are too freaking real to be fake. :/
Reply Report

aiisha -3 points1653 days ago

Any gurl in any school must fear that treat as God does mandate we as girls be educated Reply Report

nick -3 points1645 days ago

i hope those guys die their fucking crzy
Reply Report

????? -3 points1439 days ago

Thats what you get from watching asian video Reply Report

daddyd -3 points1202 days ago

God fuck mmm Reply Report

Non-member -4 points1674 days ago

Japan is a fucked up country,If that was me i would have been so humiliated,I hope those bastard teachers go to jail and get tortured for raping young,innocent girls.. Reply Report

Non-member -1 points544 days ago

I know its prob real but is it wrong that I am I girl and I want that to happen to me?... Reply Report

nick -4 points1645 days ago

those men should be killed and its funny how everybody else is like WTF
Reply Report
14 yr old mixed girl

14 yr old mixed girl -4 points1602 days ago

ive been watching it since i was 8 Reply Report
teen lovva

teen lovva   0 points615 days ago

where u at? i'll fuck u real good Reply Report

asslover15 -3 points1272 days ago

you sexy little thing.....wanna chat Reply Report
also 14 yr old white bitch

also 14 yr old white bitch +1 points1376 days ago

I've been watching porn since 7 :) Reply Report
teen lovva

teen lovva   0 points615 days ago

I love white girls too wanna fuck a bbc Reply Report
lets fuck

lets fuck   0 points1537 days ago

You horny bitch I would love to fuck you Reply Report
16 yr old girl

16 yr old girl +3 points1459 days ago

Fuck yourself horny ass bastard Reply Report

nick -5 points1645 days ago

BTW are those teachers or they posed as teachers
Reply Report

dj -5 points1644 days ago

Ok those two fuking asshole s should go to jail forver until they died i mean wtf if they thought. the girls were annoing there is somethink call principal. n parents idiots Reply Report
captain obvious

captain obvious +5 points1531 days ago

it's fake dog, you think they're gonna censor real rape porn? japanese law says all porn has to be censored. and rape genre is a big deal in japan. Reply Report

hornylol -7 points1808 days ago

i wish i was her Reply Report

perv -8 points2022 days ago

damn...wat skool they go to
Reply Report

mmm -8 points1693 days ago

fucking bitch had it comeing!!!! Reply Report
huge dick

huge dick -10 points1693 days ago

i'd rape them till they bleed and they raw
Reply Report

herp -11 points1792 days ago

this is best for sure <3 Reply Report
cherry lost

cherry lost -11 points1302 days ago

they got noting more than what al us girls and wmen deserve girls and women were only made for this purpose so stop the crying and getused to it. Reply Report
Non of you business

Non of you business   0 points162 days ago

Sorry for my feminism, but.....no. Just no. Reply Report
teen lovva

teen lovva -1 points615 days ago

love ur comment Reply Report
Just no

Just no +5 points1030 days ago

There's a difference between roles in bdsm and real life. Think about how you express yourself for christ sake. Reply Report