Bully Forces 2 Girls To Swallow Her Spit

Bully girl spit in mouths of 2 girls and force them to swallow it. Damn, this is just sick!

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BulliesMustDIe +53 points2073 days ago


kendall +22 points1503 days ago

I would let her spit in my mouth Reply Report

Orange +18 points2107 days ago

is that bullying or hazing? It looks more like hazing. Reply Report
mm :/

mm :/ +16 points1620 days ago

I've came to this multiple times yet still shiver every time i finish. Reply Report
spit hole

spit hole +19 points1442 days ago

The second one is going to be the perfect cum dumster Reply Report
fuck u bully

fuck u bully +13 points1808 days ago

motherfucking whore kill that bully girl Reply Report

sickboy +11 points2039 days ago

You have to learn young, now it's just a small step to swallowing cum. Reply Report

haha +11 points1914 days ago

what if this wasnt spit? :D Reply Report

thebitch +11 points1827 days ago

I would have fucked that girl up I mean seriously I wouldn't have let that skank do that if I were there... this shit really pisses me off!!! people wonder why so many kids are commiting suicide this is fucked up!!! Reply Report

syssyboy +6 points1864 days ago

Ohh God, it is disgusting :((( poor girls!!! Reply Report
concerned citizen

concerned citizen +6 points564 days ago

was i not supposed to fap Reply Report

soldier +5 points2110 days ago

she could of gotten killed by that girl pulling her head like that, what is wrong with people.
Reply Report
remove this video

remove this video +4 points1830 days ago

why the fuck does this site even post this, idiots, this isnt a fetish this is bullying Reply Report
non member

non member +3 points1932 days ago

What else is a girl for if not to be a dumpster for all fluids ?? I saved myself ever having to get up at night to piss by training my girl when I say take it to swallow every drop so I can keep sleeping.. she knows her place and I havent pissed in a toilet in years . Reply Report
human toilet

human toilet   0 points1442 days ago

That's exactly what I am ... I'm a drain for a mans fluids Reply Report
hey no you re not, ok?

hey no you re not, ok? -7 points735 days ago

You may be a sub but you deserve to fell at leat sometime a reward or, something.... I let my sub eat with me once a week and sleep with me once every three weeks. And I also kiss her like... Once every day Reply Report
kill bully behead them

kill bully behead them +2 points1806 days ago

no place for bully in this world wish herfather would kill all of them Reply Report
spit servant

spit servant   0 points541 days ago

I do so want to, like this girl in a black leather jacket;) Reply Report

Toad   0 points1930 days ago

Like it. I reckon this is just tip of iceberg. Those 2 dumb sluts are suffering far worse punishment at this very minute. I HOPE HA HA Reply Report

Tests   0 points427 days ago

S Reply Report

Yoyosling   0 points301 days ago

Woah get me more and better Reply Report

Bustergonad   0 points24 days ago

I love to have a girl spit in my mouth. Such a turn-on! :) Reply Report

stereotypingasshole -1 points1814 days ago

Of course they're Russian... Reply Report

FagsMustDie -1 points1755 days ago


Kira -1 points1431 days ago

I always broke the people that tried to bully me. Reply Report

.. -2 points1706 days ago

lesbian? was kind of hot to watch but still that is too mean ... only power that bully will have in her life is over weaker girls until shes 30 then her life gets worse than what ever shit it is now Reply Report

Gianna -2 points1954 days ago

Meen Why did you do that to little kids Reply Report

nice -2 points1819 days ago

Hot......& ugh did that girl say shes 9 n on this site?.. Reply Report

badcompany -2 points1400 days ago

wouldn't have to force i would of voulintered Reply Report

bob -3 points1530 days ago

any description on why it happened? Reply Report
Fucked in the Head

Fucked in the Head -4 points1755 days ago

Hey just made that "ALL FAGS MUST DIE" I'm sorry I said that. I have problems. Reply Report

Jhenny -4 points1454 days ago

haha those girls look so pathetic, I bet they diserved hahaha weak girls shoud be beaten, this is nothing compared to what I would do to them Reply Report
lil cunts deserve abuse

lil cunts deserve abuse +3 points1442 days ago

i agree, i bet they deserved it, spitting in their pathetic mouths is the least of their concerns if I had I gotten to them.. would love to know what you would of done to them Reply Report

Non-member -6 points1845 days ago

I would. Make them swallow tooth picks Reply Report