Clothes Being Ripped Off In Massive Girlfight

An all-female brawl outside a Florida gas station. Some bitches had there clothing ripped off during the fight

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I'll_cater +10 points1858 days ago

This was just horrible to watch. Situations like this, it doesn't matter what race you are. All involved should be incarcerated. Reply Report

Me +8 points1826 days ago

So primitive Reply Report

tony +7 points2043 days ago

just think,This is the future of America Reply Report

O___O +3 points1660 days ago

What The Fuck is this gehtto shit ! Looks like someone left the door to the assylum open ! Reply Report
Yeah.. .RIGHT !

Yeah.. .RIGHT ! +2 points1909 days ago

What's the problem ? !

These people look like fine, upstanding, young male and female troubadours. I would most certainly trust them with my finest belongings and without reservation I would allow my children to associate freely with them !
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??? +2 points1859 days ago

Looked like a ritual at the end hehehe Reply Report

MIKE +2 points1765 days ago

Bunch of monkeys.
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Good Will Cunting

Good Will Cunting   0 points1598 days ago

All coons know is how to kill innocent people, steal, push crack, and fight like monkeys. At first I thought it was baboons fighting until I noticed a blonde girl being stripped by dirty, smelly niggers Reply Report
Fuck Nuts

Fuck Nuts   0 points1598 days ago

Nothing more ugly than Black bitches fighting. Black women are disgusting to look at with their fat fucking asses and ape like faces, and if I want to see a Black bitch naked, I'd go to the Zoo, plenty of monkey's there Reply Report

d   0 points1329 days ago

c Reply Report

johntime123   0 points163 days ago

i wonder what town this is in

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johntime123   0 points163 days ago

Eight Woman brawl at gas station Fight-Club Ocala Florida Reply Report

LynchEmAll -1 points175 days ago

Has nobody told them it's going to be alright? KFC opens back up in the morning!! Reply Report

Zef -1 points1414 days ago

do you saw the skin color? that's all Reply Report

Chalkie -1 points1341 days ago

Chimp out Reply Report
Everyone\'s the same?

Everyone\'s the same? -1 points285 days ago

Monkeys in the wild are crazy Reply Report

Henry -2 points2194 days ago

Those aren`t girls they are niggers Reply Report

Sterga -2 points2020 days ago

WTF....Watching that was like being at a zoo without fences. wonder why blackys feel like they are treated different.... It's like watching the ape house at the zoo...go figure. Reply Report
Black&whites are one

Black&whites are one -3 points1247 days ago

All you people with the nigger comments have no life and probably live in a trailer park and are buck toothed hillbillys that didn't make it past 5th grade! Stfu and go get an education! You call us monkeys yet the words coming out your mouth are the only inhuman things I see! Reply Report

shooter   0 points1043 days ago

they ARE niggers....what else are they...NO ONE ELSE ACTS LIKE THIS..anywhere on Earth...shithead. Reply Report
Mom Banger

Mom Banger -4 points1693 days ago

Fucking monkeys. They all belong locked in cages. FUCK NIGGERS. Reply Report

scum -5 points1847 days ago

looks like a bunch of african niggers that just caught a animal at the end when they do a celebration dance Reply Report
fuck you crackers

fuck you crackers -5 points1653 days ago

Fuck all you racist cousin fucking trailer trash white fuckers you can't talk white trash is always on jerry springer and cops you fucking nasty inbreed white assholes Reply Report