Pretty blonde girl poops a big turd

Very pretty this girl, she poops very fine.

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pauluzzz +17 points2812 days ago

damn, and i always thought girls did small rabbit poops Reply Report

non-member +2 points828 days ago

Never seen your mom poop!! Reply Report

kingq +13 points2712 days ago

Why is it that its something so sexy and erotic about a pretty chic stooping and spreading her ass cheeks then letting out a Huge Poop on camera!!!!!....A major turn on!!! Reply Report

Katie +11 points1987 days ago

I once did a big poo like her outside once, it hurt my ass, and a guy saw me when I was wiping, but I just looked at him and smiled and he ran away haha :( Reply Report

RORY STORY +7 points2191 days ago

I want to fuck her in the ass. Reply Report

SAL +6 points2564 days ago

I could eat her whole complete turd with no problem. Reply Report

Scatophile +4 points2151 days ago

Sexy blond girl taking a delicious big turd. That sausage looks so tasty. Reply Report

Poopman +2 points2311 days ago

I would love to have her poop that whole log right in my mouth! Reply Report

Dafuq +2 points2310 days ago

Damn nigga, you recorded this witha potato Reply Report
non member

non member +2 points2258 days ago

that girl is hot Reply Report

flusher +2 points2117 days ago

Beautiful girl, I would have happily laid underneath and taken that lovely turd in my mouth and chewed it
Reply Report

Ron +1 points2302 days ago

This girl should be in the army, she has no problem with the absence of restrooms. And she is also very cute! Reply Report

poopeater   0 points2271 days ago

Not only would I eat her smelly poop I would rub it on my cock and jack off. Reply Report

whateva   0 points2084 days ago

Shit nazi you drink tap water right? did you know tap water contains poisons such as fluoride? and other dangerous metals? go research it, if someone wants to take risks for pleasure that is upto them! it does look good enough to eat.
Reply Report

kdc43 -1 points1739 days ago

Comparing CLEAN healthy water to dirty unhealthy feces is stupid besides fluoride concentrations in water is not poisonous, it makes tooth decay less likely. Reply Report

fuckinyomama   0 points813 days ago

fluoride is basically rat poison you turdbrain Reply Report

Jmgcock   0 points1507 days ago

Did anyone else notice the cum drip out of her pussy right before she shit? Reply Report

mebitch   0 points677 days ago

dats a long ass piece of shit she waiting to get dat out Reply Report
luna guey

luna guey   0 points295 days ago

01:30 here comes the smelly chocolate. Reply Report

wyld1   0 points186 days ago

yummmm Reply Report
where's the other vid

where's the other vid -2 points1881 days ago

if this is the second vid she's done where's the first? Reply Report
Robin Banks

Robin Banks -3 points2204 days ago

This is at least the 2nd scat film she's done.

So does she enjoy taking a shit on film or loves her fella to watch?

Or is it her fella who loves scat and she is just keeping him happy?

I think there IS a difference!
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maniac_pervert -3 points2005 days ago

I want to be the toilet of that beautiful ass!! Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -3 points1794 days ago

Amazing video, but what's with the annoying voice over guy? Apart from him, the girl was amazing & she produced the perfect shaped turd. All I need now is 2 forks & a plate, & I would willingly share that meal with her! That's what you call a HAPPY MEAL!! Reply Report

Guest -3 points1745 days ago

What is her name?! Reply Report
screw off shit nazi

screw off shit nazi -4 points2055 days ago

"Shit nazi you drink tap water right? did you know tap water contains poisons such as fluoride? and other dangerous metals? go research it, if someone wants to take risks for pleasure that is upto them! it does look good enough to eat."
Agreed man! If someone wants to make a meal out of her shit, who cares. looks good enough for a couple sausage buns.-Bon Appetit
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PBat -4 points2040 days ago

Tim 6'7, you know I can take your ass in real life..?

Check my YouTube, PaperBagVG and you'll see.
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Shit Nazi

Shit Nazi -7 points2089 days ago

shit has ecoli you stupid bastards how dare you say eat i hope you fucking rot in hell god damn blasphemers fuck you god is crying Reply Report
lolcat kitty ninja^_^

lolcat kitty ninja^_^ -11 points2259 days ago

I would scrape up her poop put it in a plasticbag and smell it then jo to it every day and night. Reply Report